We all love our tools but when it comes to backups and so on we often realise after a crash that some of the favourite tools had no backup.
If this is the case for you and you just lost your TT business tools due to a HDD crash crash or similar you might want to have them back
So in case you need them you can find a link at the end.
I will give no support or help for this release!
It is entirly meant to be used by professionals or users that have a Truck related business and already know how to use the tools!
It is not a colletion for noobs and wanna be's, there is no need to have the tools unless you are working with entirle original and licensed files!

What is included?
A service tool version for the installation within Windows,
a Java version that does not need to be installed and can be run directly,
the original firmware update for the 9.700 Truck Navcore so you have a file to test.

What is needed?
Check the manuals, but with a working Java enviroment you should be good to go.
If you happen to have a newer version or the files for the 9.701 update please post them.

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