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    The Western Map is "100198".

    Doesn't work in my XL... Solutions?

    It says "this item does not work on your device"

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    You are almost there.

    If the map copies to your Tomtom then all you need to do is run[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Copy FastActivate.exe to your TomTom.
    Click on FastActivate.exe on the Tomtom to start program
    First patch Navcore. Needs to be done before patching the map.
    Then patch map. After patching map disconnect Tomtom from computer and restart Tomtom.
    FastActivate update October 2014
    Easy, Fast and Reliable

    1. Plug your tomtom device with the USB to your PC or use card reader

    2. Copy "FastActivate.exe" to your TomTom device internal or SD-Card ROOT directory (recommended) or desktop or any other place

    3. Run "FastActivate.exe"

    4. Use menu buttons what you need see menu items help.

    5. Done...
    Menu items:
    1. Update meta.txt
    Update latest meta.txt. (if servers are not down) You need to allow wget.exe in your firewall if asked.

    If you have a new meta code which is not in the integrated or updated meta.txt (See in program for date of current integrated meta.txt) then you must put all new meta codes in a file named META.TXT and copy it to the Device/SD-Card ROOT Directory or keep it in the same directory as FastActivate.exe.

    Do this second 2. Patch Maps, Voices, Speedcams and Fuel Prices
    Patch ALL these in your device.
    If you get a ".dct ERROR" message, it usually means the meta has not been released.

    Do this first 3. Patch Navcore (ttsystem or PNDNavigator)
    Patch Your Navcore with this which is needed to use patched maps. Wait and it will tell you when done.

    4. Patch TomTom HOME
    This works automatically and there is no need to search for any files, just wait and it will tell you when done.
    If you use this you first need to use TomTom HOME "Operate my Device" option; this will download your profile files; then close HOME and patch it.

    5. RunMeForCode (Create a meta/blowfish code from genuine map)
    You can create meta code with this button...you have to be the original owner of the map.
    Remember... meta data does NOT contain any personal information from you or your device. It is safe to share.

    6. Update QuickGPSfix (Fix your GPS position)
    Your TomTom device uses the signals of at least 4 satellites to find out where you are. To start navigating, it needs to know exactly where each satellite is.
    So start your journey faster with TomTom QuickGPSfix button

    7. My Device Info
    This is just info from your device which others need if you ask for help (on most forums).

    8. Android Activation
    Use this button on Android device with patched .apk.

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    Thank you very much! Finally, my XL works!!!

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    GPSPower Helper Need help - TT XL with problems
    Need help - TT XL with problems
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    Hi I'm happy for the solution

    How to unhide links: After clicking LIKE this post, hidden links will be available.

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]



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