Hello everyone!
I own a 2016 Hyundai Tucson with AVN LAN5020EHTL 96,560-D70004X-96560-D70004X.
ARMcortex A8 MX6Q 792 MHz, 800x600 32-bit, 8 "screen, with WinCE 7.0 embeded in which
I would like to put the original Garmin with Kenwood DNX 7230 DAB that runs on WinCE 6.0.
Is it possible to adapt to work at Hyundai and if he wants to have someone deal with it?
it is necessary to adjust the path to the SD card that read: SDMemory.
Link where I uploaded the software from Kenwood garmin_kenwood-dnx7230-dab.rar
Thank you.