Garmin Training Center software version 3.6.1

as of April 12, 2011

Download (42.76 MB)
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◦This installer will not uninstall the recent Training Center Beta, so Training Center Beta users will need to uninstall the Beta manually from the Control Panel.


Change History
Changes made from version 3.5.3 to 3.6.1:
◦Updated Garmin Training Center(r) to use a more reliable open-source embedded database.
◦Provided robust mechanism for migrating legacy Training Center user accounts from both valid and corrupted bin files.
◦Re-engineered application to perform better with larger user data sets.
◦Allowed users to customize the first day of the week used in Training Center.
◦Added support for Power targets and durations in user workout steps.
◦Added ability to create workouts with repeat steps containing 'repeat until' targets.
◦Added Power related elements and bikes to the user profile.
◦Provided ability to sync user profile with FIT mass storage devices.
◦Users can now import FIT files directly using the File->Import interface.
◦Added ability to change the sport of activities and workouts from the user interface.
◦Replaced the rigid folder structure of the previous Training Center with a more user customizable design.
◦Training Center now has the auto-error reporting feature.
◦Provided more graceful handling for certain bad FIT files created by devices.
◦Fixed issue where workout schedule date was incorrect in certain time zones.
◦Added ability to import TCX workouts with Power targets having %FTP > 100%.