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    Wink Mario Advisor v. 0.5

    Mario Advisor is a free java utility to display Garmin IMG maps in your mobile. Free garmin maps can be downloaded from many sources around the web , or translated from Open Street Map data (see conversion details and resources ). You can even create your own maps with the aid of GPSMapEdit and cGPSmapper.

    External Maps installation:

    Create a folder named "mario" in your mobile's root filesystem (JSR75 needed) and copy Garmin IMG files. No previous conversion is needed. Mario Advisor will display map data and labels for roads, Points Of Interest and cities. Search capabilities are under development.

    Internal Maps installation:

    Maps can also be stored inside the Jar file, to avoid the confirmation request every time a file is accessed. To do so, copy maps in the "maps" folder inside the Jar, and update the file "map_list.txt" with the names of the files included. Check your mobile can intall the new Jar, since midlet size will be bigger.

    GPS Support:

    Internal JSR179 and Bluetooth external GPS with NMEA sentencies are supported. When GPS connection is ON, view is centered in current location.

    *Free RAM: >1Mb
    *Midlet size >200 kb (*) See above

    Up,down,left,right: pan
    Fire,0: zoom in/out
    *: center view in GPS coordenates
    #: road names on/off

    *Better memory management. Memory requirements relaxed
    *Better Out-of-Memory Error Handling
    *Performance slightly improved
    *Internal GPS (JSR179) support
    *Configuration moved to RMS
    *Data folder added to options
    *Basic Point Search capabilities

    *Purged "extra" Large Cities
    *Added internal maps support
    *Added bluetooth gps selection form
    *POI's labels showed
    *Created a cache to store labels
    *Improved street labels adjustment
    *Fixed clipping function to verify last+first index
    *Fixed crash with wrong files

    *Full road/street names support
    *Arranged points drawing order. First, indexed points
    *Improved clipping algorithm
    *Added cache size to config
    *Maps with gaps in zoom levels supported
    *Fixed labels with [0x1f] code
    *Fixed 8-bit road labels with [0x2f] code
    *Fixed label process for points out of visible area
    *Fixed init with no maps nor initial coordinates
    *Fixed Maps continuously regenerating in GPS mode

    *Added label in NET support (road names)
    *Added Scale
    *Wrong lat/lon showed when <0 fixed

    *Basic IMG support (TRE,RGN,LBL parsing)
    *Multiple Map process
    *Overview Map Support (tested on Metroguide 8 & 9)
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