CompeGPS Pocket Land v2.71 XScale WM2003 WM5 Incl Keymaker-COREPDA

Pocket Land v2 parafreemagazine

This is a software exclusive for Pocket PC devices. Easy and automatic functions, digital cartography viewer, routes and waypoints creation and edition, moving map...

CompeGPS Pocket Land is a new program specially designed for PDA. You will be able to enjoy many of CompeGPS Land’s features such as waypoint and route creation and edition, full communication between PDA and GPS, use of maps and the moving map (real-time navigation).

Which PDA can work with CompeGPS Pocket Land? CompeGPS Pocket Land has been specially designed for PDA with Pocket PC 2002 and 2003 operative system. It is not compatible with PALM OS. What can you do with CompeGPS Pocket Land? CompeGPS Pocket Land allows full communication between GPS and PDA (tracks, waypoints and routes).

You will be able to create waypoints and routes, use maps and real-time navigation. MAPS. CompeGPS Pocket Land allows you use vectorial maps *MPV format and raster. An excellent feature of CompeGPS Land for PC, allows you to convert some vectorial map formats (DXF, DWG, E00, etc) into MPV format, to be used with Pocket Land. CompeGPS Pocket Land can open *.IMP and *.MAP formats, *.BMP and *.ECW image files are the compatible image formats. Two maps at the most can be opened at the same time. 3D MAPS. CompeGPS also allows you to open 3D DEM maps so you can calculate the height of waypoints and routes. You will be able to view the silhouette the open route, showing your present position.

3D viewing is not possible. WAYPOINTS AND ROUTES. CompeGPS Pocket Land allows you to comfortably work with waypoints and routes, just like the Land PC version. You will be able to create and edit waypoints and routes on any map you open. Data transfer is extremely quick and easy thanks to the full communication between the GPS and the PDA. MOVING MAP. One of the most important features of this PDA version is the Moving Map. NMEA and PVT (Garmin) protocols makes this possible. You will be able to navigate towards a waypoint or activate navigate through a route, audible alarms will let you know when you reach the waypoints.

An altitude graph can be shown when you activate a route. All the moving map’s information panel fields are 100% configurable audible and visual alarms can be programmed for the maximum and minimum readings of any field. Another advantage of CompeGPS Pocket Land is the automatic loading of the best map available in the memory for your present position. This means that you will not have to stop and load the map manually. COMUNICATION BETWEEN COMPEGPS LAND (PC) AND POCKET LAND (PDA) CompeGPS Land version 5.3 for PC features new options to make data communication (maps, routes and waypoints) to the PDA much more simple. The map communication system to the PDA allows you to send just one area or an entire map, automatically converting it into *.ECW format to permit easy handling by the PDA. Options to download tracks, waypoints and routes from the PDA are included in the communication menu.

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