Roma-Ostia 2011 marathon 27 feb 2011 track


Watch, study and download to your Garmin GPS track Roma-Ostia, scheduled on February 27, 2011, specially made for you

The new 2011 track will be fast and sleek. The main feature will be to go for very wide roads with few bends, and from the city to reach the sea.
The new start part lets you get the rhythm, being slightly downhill. The first 2 miles are flat and then EUR streets, including viale Europa .
The dreaded "via del camping" who until last year was about the tenth mile, in the new track will be after the thirteenth km. The slope is not strong (slope 2-3%) but long, so hard.
When you think it's over, after a small flat stretch, the final stretch begins leading to the end.
The thrill of seeing the sea in the distance and the fact that you expected the fastest part of this track can puts wings on your feet. In those miles leading up to Axa, Casal Palocco and Infernetto, you'll have the feeling your goal is very close.

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