I have recently acquired a Magellan Roadmate 6235-LM GPS deice with built-in dashcam. I got it from a gentleman who has recently moved to my country from the USA, and who had no use for it here as it only has US maps. The dashcam works here but the navigation function is useless. I registered the device on the Magellan website and was able to update the (US) maps and software but could not find a way to buy maps for my country (New Zealand).

The factory navigation software seems to be Primo-based (the basemap installed is type .fbl and is recognised by other devices running Primo), but the maps are coded and impenetrable. I have tried the usual tricks to get it to run Primo e.g. replacing the device's "navigator.exe" file with a renamed Primo executable and copying the rest of the Primo files onto the device, but without any luck.

I have also tried to install MioPocket but without success - this is my first attempt at using Miopocket but it appears development ceased with the demise of the GPSPassion forum before my device was built, and the settings suggested for Magellan in the readme do not work on this model.

I would very much like to modify this device to use iGO Primo while retaining the use of the dashcam.

Does anyone have any ideas on what I could try next please?