I have a Chinese 2 Din head unit (Eonon D5163Z) which works well, however when activating the Becker Revo 1 GPS software the radio's sound cuts out. It has no affect on the CD sound tho!! Resetting the unit without using the GPS is the only way to bring the sound back.
I used the exact same software on a previous Eonon unit with no problems at all. The only difference between both the units, that I can see, is that the newer one uses Bluetooth v4.0 and a different UI layout.

I have tried different GPS software (Igo Primo and Kudos) and they work fine, so it's obvious something in the Becker software is causing this.

My preference is to use Becker software and would appreciate if someone could tell me the cause and more importantly if there is a workaround for it.

Head Unit:
System details:
Microsoft Windows CE.NET 6.0
SIRF atlas V500 MHZ CPU
ARM11 Processor