Hi all,

My first post, new to this forum. I'm a motor enthusiast and when I bought my latest touring bike it came with an Interphone GPS of which the status was unknown. It was give to me for free. To my surprise I got it up and running and after using it a few times I find it not even bad. Good enough to postpone getting something fancier for now.

On the Device itself there's 11.4.05 software with maps from 2012.
I added a SD card with Igo Primo 2.4 software with the addition of 1.9 moto edition, since I was told this may work better. I also got that to work. Now I can switch between the 2.

However; when I tried loading a .KML file with a route that is going to be drive next week, NDrive took it fine. IGo however kept on giving me one 'missing something' message after another although at the end it seem to display the same route.

So, I guess my questions are;1) which of the 2 software versions should I concentrate on considering your experiences? And 2) is there a way to get newer maps for the NDrive than 2012?

Thank you!