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    autovelox Croatia (GATSO-CORDON) speedcams

    Croatia new ANPR speedcams

    kamera cz 2 741x486 640x480

    Hi everyone!

    new 122 advanced ANPR cameras are placed in Croatia
    these advanced cameras except speed, they records in both directions, also detect using of seat belt, mobile phone, driving in wrong (lane) direction.
    cameras recognize all European licence plates, expired licences or stolen vehicles
    actual picture of camera is posted (placed in my region weeks ago)

    this list made with great Spudigo v2.5 tool, thanks @djeman
    if you use my works, please thanks me
    also big tnx to snecer from snecer-poi blog and big google maps database CRO-GATSO

    - just place txt file in /content/speedcam folder (remove previous old version of ANPR txt file if available)
    - CRO-GATSO.txt is for iGO Primo/Nextgen without descriptions and directions of cameras
    CRO-GATSO-DIRECTION.txt is for iGO Nextgen with descriptions and directions of cameras

    Will very appreciate if anyone can check speed limits in ANPR camera locations. All current speed limits are used from actual iGO Here maps.
    Also if anyone want help with updates, also is welcomed.

    Please obey traffic rules and speed limits. Always wear seat beat and respect other drivers, pedestrians and bikers.
    Drive safe and return home safely.
    Thank you!

    Look please for the latest, in recent posts, at the end of this thread
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    Do not forget to indicate the site gpspower.net as the source, when trying to post any data, on other sites.
    A clear conscience - more important!
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    new locations 1.5.2022.
    01.05.2022 dodane lokacije Zagvozd, Cista Velika, Cista Provo, Kukuljanovo, Sinj-Ulica Filipa Grabovca, Brnaze

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    Moderator Croatia (GATSO-CORDON) speedcams
    Croatia (GATSO-CORDON) speedcams
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    Croatia (GATSO-CORDON) speedcams

    2022.05.13 added location: Katici, Drnje
    2022.05.17 added location: Stari Slatinik, Lovreć
    2022.05.18 added location: Rijeka-Brajdica
    2022.05.25 added location: Križevci-Ulica Ivana Lepušića, Belica, Sinj-Put Piketa, Sinj-Ulica Domovinsko rata, Glavice
    2022.05.27 added location: Koprivnica-Starogradska ulica, Koprivnica-Ulica Miklinovec
    2022.05.28 added location: Mače
    2022.05.30 added location: Carevdar
    2022.06.03 added location: Bjelovar-Istočna obilaznica
    2022.06.09 added location: Belišće
    2022.06.23 added location: Zadvarje, Katuni, popravek Zagvozd
    2022.07.28 added location: Križpolje, Novigrad, Katun Trviški, Tisno
    2022.08.03 added location: Dubrava kod Tisna, Senj-Stara cesta, Zabrežani
    2022.08.06 added location: Marčana
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