Hello Friends,
iGO is a program that communicates with the user.
this communication is done via text (subtitles) - eg. On the map screen or message windows, sound - when a specific event (eg. speeding), or in similar situations - using TTS voice heard at the speaker as the message.

Recently received a few questions about the changes in the content of the latter;

The messages we hear are the most common type messages Driver Alert's - and they occur in the case of an event for which they have been programmed.
The categories of these events we have written many times - eg. In this topic -> [Only registered and activated users can see links. ].
However, in this topic ->
[Only registered and activated users can see links. ] describes how to configure and change the settings in the Speedcam - cat ... and the next category [speedcam_category: .....]

Most important part - the content of Which depends on Whether you are using TTS or not

a.- for non-TTS version - Read and understand the topic by BROWN DOG -> [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] (THX) - there you detail what and how and the where !!!

b. - TTS version:

Here you have a speech - are reading the TTS, or sound information - in the form of wav file playback. Earlier I wrote about.
* Selection of the notification is made by a declaration "= speech", or "= sound".
Declaration on the lines in the [SpeedCam: CAT] and example for Category "0" - that is, SPEED CAMERA - looks like this:

; S P E E D C A M - C A T: 0
[Speedcam_category: 0]
warn_distances = "120: 1000.80: 950.60: 700.40: 500"; speed / distance alert
approach_beep_distances = "400,400"; range (m) Measures the signal "beep"
approach_beep_spoken_type = none; = None / sound / speech (TTS only)
approach_beep_sound = "! proxi"; sound if approach_beep_spoken_type = sound
* ("! Proxi" - is the name of the sound file located in the folder / ui_android / audio /


approach_beep_speech = "Warning!" the voice of the TTS speech approach_beep_spoken_type =
activated_spoken_type = speech
activated_speech = "Speed ​​camera ahead." (F activated_spoken_type = speech)

activated_min_speech_repeat_delay = -1; without repeating
overspeed_spoken_type = sound; speeding signal
overspeed_sound = "! alert2"; sound if overspeed_spoken_type = sound
overspeed_speech = "Over Speed"; Voice if overspeed_spoken_type = speech

The most important for us this statement:

activated_speech = "Speed ​​camera ahead." (For this category, for the other has a different content depending on the category / look first topic /)

As you remember - iGO is a program in which the commands are in English!
All statements are also in English.
Their translation into the vernacular of users located in the file "dictionary.voice" in folder i18n - which is a packed file voice_.zip
If for some reason the speakers you hear the messages in a language other than national (selected in the voice), this means that the message is not translated in the file dictionary.voice!
We then have two choices:
1. Complete the translated phrases in dictionary.voice (more difficult),
2. by using the fact that the sys.txt is a file whose statements are made as the last - to change these statements (messages) just in it;
I just change for the described category will look like this:

activated_speech = "Speed ​​camera ahead." - Before the change,

activated_speech = "Radar ahead.Keep smiling" - After the change.

Of course, the content of "Radar ahead.Keep smiling" - optional, as long as understandable to the user and the national language.

In the same way, we can change other messages for all categories.
That's all
Regards wojpen

At the end of one small note:
Most of us are drivers - Let us remember that the mass of information distracting the driver - so do not overdo the amount - Regards and Happy driving!