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    Member + Nextgen UXs: what do they do?
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    Android Nextgen UXs: what do they do?

    I think it's time for some explanations. We have a folder named "ux" with over 40 zipped files. They can change the look and behavior of nextgen. With an update every few days by Pongo, Arimi or other skinners and developers, we get issues from time to time. I like to experiment a lot and change here and there, but would like to see an explanation of what each one of those zipped files does. Also if possible, what can be changed inside, and what can be achieved with those changes. Often, I have found something not working well and the only solution is to either replace the whole folder, or trial and error, delete files until I see the error disappears. Can someone please shed some light? Some names are intuitive but not all. What is, for instance, iqs.zip, camper.zip, etc. Which of these files are needed and which can be deleted without causing errors?
    Thanks in advance

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    Important User Nextgen UXs: what do they do?
    Nextgen UXs: what do they do?Nextgen UXs: what do they do?Nextgen UXs: what do they do?Nextgen UXs: what do they do?
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    You're asking how coding UX works. It's like asking how dimka skins works (which by the way is easier to deal with) For NextGen, UX is a dumping ground for add-ons. It's a good idea to keep which UX belong/released by a particular person/group together; in another word, don't mix and match. Only the original creator knows how it works (at least works correctly) and I seriously doubt they will have time to explained it. Note that I'm not against your suggestions (of documenting it's functionality or at least giving basic description) And the problem is not from skin creators, it's from users getting it working by mixing and matching then posting (having no clue where it comes from and what it's designed for.) At least for now, to prevent issues, follow the guideline:
    1. Use original/default skin of NextGen, other skins are potluck/crap shoot
    2. When possible, use only what's released for a particular skin (ie: no mix and match)
    3. Use CRC-32 to find out which add-on is different (or same)
    4. Examined what's inside each .zip to get idea what it does AND document it for all of us

    Update: Maybe this is a start [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
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    I like/need a ux to add one feature: add a alert in the principal skin,.
    iGO primo 2.4 have thisfeature. I can add alert without exit of principal (main) skin.



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