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    IGO Primo iGO UX - TTS display/warning about increasing speed limit - Primo 2.0, 2.4

    This UX Utility works independently of whatever skin you have. Some skins have this facility built in so not required for them but if you have a basic skin and want extra options then this feature is for you.

    This add-on will allow your unit to display and vocally tell you that speed limit has increased.

    In Settings / Sound and Warnings / TTS Pro you can set the "Correction speed unit" (only use if TTS voice mispronounces selected speed units (kilometers per hour, miles per hour)) - It may also be necessary to add or check in the content \ voice \ Voice_TTS \ i18n \ dictionary.voice voice file for the following text below, if missing then add:

    Spoiler: Show Text
    You can increase speed. = "You can increase the speed." Limit% s = "Limit% s"

    In the Sounds and Warnings section you will get an option to activate or disable the feature.

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    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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