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    Default igo primo memory low

    I've always had problem with my truck sat navs, when I first buy and use them, they work fine, using sd card 32gb with
    igo map already installed, I use sat nav normally and keep favorites addresses on sd card, after a while (12-18 months)
    I get a message saying
    'Program memory is very low. You must select one task to close, or increase the amount of program memory, if available'.
    I don't know how to increase the memory.
    This goes on for a few times until the unit will not load the sd card with map, so I cannot access my favorites, which I have around
    300 addresses, so I normally buy another sat nav with its own supplied sd card (with maps installed) and start again inputting
    the customers addresses into my favorites, I don't understand what's going on, as I thought that a 32gb card would have enough
    storage for my favorites, I am currently running my sat nav with its own flash memory and map and putting addresses into that
    memory, the map isn't as good as the one on the sd card, plus I don't know how long it will be before it's full, assuming that is what the problem is.
    I do not use the sat nav for radio, pictures, films, or anything other than the sat nav bit.
    I've tried to go on 'naviextra's toolbox', but cant get anywhere with it, I would like to be able to transfer favorites from sd
    card to new satnav (one that runs igo primo), but don't know how to do it. I have plugged in sat nav to laptop, but nothing
    is intuitive, like 'Find favorites', drag and drop to a folder, plug in new sat nav with sd card and drag and drop favorites
    onto it. I'm not savvy with file editing,
    Give me an engine to strip, measure, rebuild, tune, dyno it remap it, and I'm on it, but this stuff, I cant get my head round it.
    Any help would be great.

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    igo primo memory lowigo primo memory lowigo primo memory lowigo primo memory lowigo primo memory lowigo primo memory lowigo primo memory low
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    Wrong section (I'll transfer this later)... and:
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    Anyway - the problem "lies" on the other side.
    You do not lack physical memory (storage), the problem is in working - operating device memory (RAM). "Program memory" as you received the notice. That happens when the content is overcrowded.
    And it is (almost) impossible to increase with such devices. You have to unburden it.

    Too many licenses, too many speedcams, files that are not in use and are being loaded ... etc.
    You don't need a card larger than 8 GB, even less 32 or more. Better to be high quality and fast.

    If you think you need it, you need a device with better specifications. If it is a WinCE based device, there are models with 256MB of RAM.
    For android, those with 4GB are more than enough.
    But, as I mentioned before, it’s not so much a question of the memory but of the software load.

    And, as stated in my signatures, this has been discussed many times. Only, the Forum must be browsed ...
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    Pay close attention to the instructions under the spoiler.

    Before asking a question, know it's already discussed here and at 99.9% is not unique. Use search.
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    Spoiler: obs
    Many questions become very arduous, a lot of time chewed deja vu...Since we have lost all the year of work and effort, many people have no will to answer the same questions again. Me neither. Use a search, please.



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