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    Default Chinese sat nav - Here 2018 EU Q2 Maps - Error calculating route in centre of London!

    Hi, I've got a generic 7" sat nav running on Windows CE OS. I have installed Here 2018 Q2 maps on it for Truck, and iGo Primo 9 Software. The problem is that everytime I get in the middle of London, first half of the route is calculated as it should be, on the roads, but suddenly the GPS is showing the route as a straight line like I'm in a helicopter. Did anyone else encountered this issue? What might be the fix for that?

    Thank you!
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    strange. I struck exactly the same issue a few months ago plotting a course from Coquelles to Arromanche. Also using a noname Chinese WinCE device. I found once i got close to my destination the unit recalculated and gave me a proper route. Never did figure out why it happened, and only there despite plotting routes all through the Pyrenees on the same device. My error was a straight east to west line too

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    Hi guys,
    I have had the same problem. In London. Three solutions:
    The file which is responsible for that problem is: history.sav - you will find it in folder SAVE. Path's example: igo\save\profiles\01\history.sav
    (If you use second profile for example for a car, it will by 02, instead 01)
    First solution: delete file history.sav and replace it with original one if you have one (it has 1KB)
    Second solution: delete SAVE folder. You will lost all settings, data, routes, used post codes, places where you been previously(after that you must configure you settings again...).
    Third solution: reset to default inside the program. You will lost all settings as above.

    I prefer first solution.

    REMEMBER: before second and third solution always copy & save file: user.upoi which there are you favourites!!! And, if you want: cityhistory_v4.sav which there are post codes you ever used.

    I use android version of iGO - and skin: GjAk_v1.10_AriNe-40

    Hope, it helps.

    I forgot, WinCE has the same file's structure to our an issue, and you can use above solution.



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