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    Default the better iGO software, for build-IN navigation...

    Hello all,

    On advise of @Midnight Blues, i have downloaded the ,,iGO R3 HERE [NAVTEQ] 2017.Q3 EUROPE /Torrent -,,Now on his advise iGO primo is an great application as well.
    On my current device i have BasarSOFT installed by the seller. So since the software is outdated i want a new software(update) that works fine as well on my device.

    I did not know there are plenty softwares available in iGO section. That i cannot make an choice of witch one to use.

    For me important is the following
    - Avrage updates available
    - Landscape modus since its on inbuild car navigation (Based on android 7.1 multimedia center editon)
    - quit fast optimized software- since i have only 2gb of build in ram
    - and maps are ofcourse working wiht it.

    I have done some research and there are only 3 that are quit updated
    - iGO isreal
    - iGO gift
    - iGO Basar

    My navigation is having the last one Basarsoft, software from 2013. Now they told me on the forum it is not important the software if it works it works. But i think alwazs.
    New updates versions are bringing stability with them, and are faster than the old ones. So thats why i want to change.

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    In most cases maps and other cartography information, that come updated [ latest for now is 2017.Q3 ] is enough to cover all you current needs, so application SW if work stable on selected device no need to change. You can mod it with skins, adds ect... to improve looking or add some functionality ect... but no need to change / upgrade it. In any case that this application do not work like you wish - then you are free to change it to better one - look for well patched version that can read all needed parts of cartography info [ like *.fbl, *.ftr, *.fsp, ect...] and chage your preinstalled

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    iGO Moderator the better iGO software, for build-IN navigation...
    the better iGO software, for build-IN navigation...
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    There is no such thing as a better software. And that has already been discussed many times.

    Better for what? What is good for another does not have to be good for you. It depends only on your needs and tastes.

    Update of software application itself does not matter at all.
    If it works well for you and meets your needs, it suits you visually and easily doing fine - why change it?
    New versions come out or fix some bugs (which you can not even notice) and/or support some new devices.
    Some people still use iGO8. For them and their device it is OK.
    If you are looking for some special feature, then read:
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    You can always try more versions.
    And you could even buy one.

    And what is important about every navigation, irrespective of whether it's called iGO, TomTOm, Garmin or whatever, are MAPS and routing.
    Keep maps and content fresh, although it sometimes happens that a new release have more bugs.

    And stop asking excessive questions
    All of this has already been told many times on the forum, there is a lot of material, you just have to read it.
    Do not be lazy. Make an effort.

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    NO ONE IS A SEER, READ: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Many questions become very arduous, a lot of time chewed deja vu...Since we have lost all the year of work and effort, many people have no will to answer the same questions again. Me neither. Use a search, please.



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