Hullo Ladies and Gents,

The system is a Philips CED780
iGO Primo version is

I am new to the Forum, however have been reading with some interest the vast array of knowledge that seems to be available here (from most of you) i have spent many hours trying to figure out where i a going wrong trying to install iGO Primo on my Philipps CED 780 - I had the original map cards and went overseas for a few months, when i returned i find that someone has removed the cards and formatted them to use for other things....

I have a backup of one of the SDCards, however this is stuck on giving me only Germany, Austria and a few other European countries. I have an account with naviextras, however because the cards were formatted it maintains that, although the cards are read by the PC it is 'not connected'

I have downloaded the maps, software and everything else i feel (after reading through your posts) i should need, installed these on a freshly formatted 4gb sdcard and nothing seems to happen.

Please try to enlighten me to my errors, is there somewhere on the forum i have missed indicating a step by step installation of the new updated software etc, if so, please point me in the right direction.

I am sure that you all have many thousands of these requests and it can become a little tiresome, however if i had any hair left i would start tearing it out and would be forever indebtted for any assistance any of you may offer me.

Thanks for taking the time to read through my rhetoric, i hope any of you can help me and a Big thank you for all the information you have alrready uploaded.