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Thread: 7" Devices

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    Default 7" Devices

    Hey All,

    Just after some suggestions/thoughts for a reasonable quality 7" CE 5 or 6 device.
    Had enough of the Chinese garbage I've tried not working like advertised & sick of wasting money on them when they won't do what I want.

    I know of the Hema 7" navigator & the Mud Map M7's, which both seem ok
    I was wondering if anyone here knows of any other brands or manufacturers of quality 7" devices that might be worth having a look at?

    I currently am using a Navig[8]r P50 Pro that works perfectly but it's only a 5" screen & I prefer the larger 7" screen.
    I've spoken to the Navig[8]r people and unfortunately they no longer make the 7" devices, they said there wasn't enough demand for them anymore as a lot of car manufacturers were bringing out cars with in-dash 7" devices nowdays apparently...

    I'm not interested in an Android device only one that runs Windows CE, as iGO8 is the main software I use & it's CE only AFAIK.

    I need something that is sensitive enough to movement to be used walking around as well as in a vehicle, most Chinese ones work ok in a vehicle but something in the ROMs they use was changed a while ago that prevents them from rotating the map etc. upon direction change until a speed of around 7 kph is reached, then they work as expected.
    I see they still advertise these devices as having a speed sensitivity of 0.1 m/s which is about 3.5 kph, unfortunately though that appears to me to be wrong as I find their actual sensitivity is around 1.95 m/s or 7 kph.
    Waste of time trying to explain this as most of them all of a sudden seem to have trouble understanding English when questions like that are posed...

    The old original long dead CE 6 Chinese GPS I used to have a couple of years ago wasn't like these new ones and was sensitive to movement as soon as it started moving, great for both walking around and driving.
    Since then I've tried about 10 different devices and none of them will rotate the map etc. until a speed of around 7 kph is reached so it's time to look for something a little better quality than the flea-bay Chinese device.

    Do big things!

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    Well M8 seems you have a problem with Chinese devices huh.
    OK I'm not into Chinese devices and don't have any, so I will explain what My M8's have and what I think of them??.
    I will give you pics of what I use to move around West OZ and it is the same if I come your way M8.
    So give me some time to get organized and make sure you are sitting down for the laugh.
    some members know what I use so hey, I don't get lost.

    Particularly that Banana Bender Neil.

    Edit: if I don't come back give me a reminder post huh "or PM" may be sleeping in my comfy computer chair.
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    G'day Magnetron,

    Thanks, looking forward to the pics & descriptions
    Yeah I guess you could say I have a bit of an issue with the Chinese devices.
    For the most part they work fine but when walking around or idling around offroad in low-range in a 4wd they don't & that's the problem I'm having.
    Which is why I'm chasing something a little better quality that has a 7" screen & I can walk around with as well as use in a 4wd travelling & idling around in the bush at low speeds.
    I know the makers of the Mud Map M7 devices advertise they can be used ok walking around so they'd probably do what I want.
    And I'm guessing the Hema devices would also but don't know for sure.

    Do big things!



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