GPSMAP 6x0 software versions summary


GPSMAP 6x0 (WebUpdater) software versions summary

Change History

Version 3.60
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GPSMAP6x0_WebUpdater__360.gcd (23,9 MB)
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Changes made from version 3.50 to 3.60:
Marine Mode:
Added support for TOPO maps.
Changed text color from black to green for active AIS targets on 2D charts.
Changed message banner text when entering potentially hazardous areas during autoguidance.
Changed safety shading control to use user-entered depths.
Corrected various drawing issues around the anti-meridian.
Corrected text display for charts that use Cyrillic fonts.
Added access to the weather subscription from the weather menu.
Added support for the 'Coastal Mariner' weather subscription.
Fixed an issue where the unit was displaying old NEXRAD data when animation was disabled.
Improved display of severe weather warnings in counties with more than one active warning.
User Data:
Simplified the user interface for creating new waypoints via Chart Menu > Waypoints & Tracks > New Waypoint and Information > User Data > Waypoints List > New Waypoint.
Added a prompt to delete unused route waypoints after deleting a route.
Fixed a problem with viewing some waypoints on routes imported from Homeport.
Added support for obstructions with a height instead of a depth.
Improved the display of rotary current stations.
Increased performance for tide/current pages.
Improved font support for Russian and Arabic languages.
Fixed an AIS issue where negative Rate of Turn values were being displayed as positive.
Fixed an issue where Rate of Turn fields were being displayed for AIS targets that were not transmitting Rate of Turn data.
Automotive Mode:

Corrected a problem related to Mad Maps and the Go! button not calculating estimated time.
Corrected a problem with arrival time calculations.
Improved ZIP update support.

version 3.50
GPSMAP620_WebUpdater__350.gcd (24 MB)
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Changes made from version 3.40 to 3.50:
Marine Mode:
Eliminated the potential for a rare lock-up while storing settings.

Changes made from version 3.30 to 3.40:
Marine Mode:
Corrected defective map drawing.

Changes made from version 3.20 to 3.30:
Marine Mode:
Corrected issue that caused some map areas to be shaded incorrectly. This issue is most likely seen as large areas filled with solid brown.
Corrected issue where points representing cranes had purple boxes drawn around them.
Corrected issue for the GPSMAP 640 that caused built-in g2 charts to be drawn gray when viewing an area near the border of supplemental g2 Vision charts.
Corrected location of weather legend on weather charts.
Improved behavior of the zoom buttons on charts.
Improved speed of powering-up the GPSMAP 6x0.
Enabled display of horizontal clearance information for bridges shown as lines.
Added buttons to show Previous Forecast and Next Forecast data on applicable weather charts.
Added support for QWERTY keyboard layout on data entry pages. This setting is available in Configure > System > Keyboard Layout.
Cleaned up miscellaneous presentation issues.
Added changes to improve production efficiency.

version 3.20

GPSMAP620_WebUpdater__320.gcd (23,8 MB)
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Changes made from version 3.10 to 3.20:
Marine Mode:
Fixed a potential issue that may cause corrupted data on SD card.
Added support for new map unlocking technologies.
Improved accuracy and performance of the calculation of tide and current station information.
Silenced 'Remove Lost Target' message when the AIS/Collision Alarm is off.
Corrected AIS List bearing number.
Corrected display of waypoints when non-1252 codepage is selected.
Allow configuration of custom units in the Startup Wizard.
Decreased likelihood of accidently marking a waypoint via the 'Mark' button at the top of a page.
Added timestamp to the waypoint review page.
Added support for 2010 BlueChart g2 and BlueChart g2 Vision features, including:
Portuguese Fishing Areas
Support for built-in map update cards
Fishing Charts for built-in map update cards
New safety shading feature
New map symbols
Automotive Mode:
Fixed a potential issue that causes the GMap6x0 to display an inaccurate ETA when the route crosses west across time zones.
Fixed a potential issue that could cause a 'stutter' when speaking driving directions.
The GMap6x0 will no longer erroneously prompt to copy Garmin proprietary POI information (such as Travel Guides) from the card. This information is locked to the card and cannot be accessed without the card inserted.
Added support to display cartography north of 75N.
Improved routing accuracy for ramps and interchanges.

Changes made from version 3.00 to 3.10:
Corrected rotation of animated current arrows when map is in Head Up orientation.
Improved presentation of light sectors on g2 navigation charts by adding 'Auto' setting option to Menu > Navigation Chart Setup > Chart Appearance > Symbols > Light Sectors. The automatic light sector control determines the best zoom levels to draw light sectors.
Added ability to display navaid light information on g2 navigation charts.
Added option to disable message banner alarm notification when AIS vessels become dangerous. This will help alleviate annoyance when navigating congested waterways with many AIS-equipped vessels. When the AIS Alarm is set to Off, dangerous targets will still display on charts. Unacknowledged dangerous AIS targets will turn red and blink.
Potentially dangerous points along auto guidance paths will be outlined in red. After the auto guidance calculation completes, a message will appear if there are potentially unsafe areas along the path.
Fixed an issue that could cause 3D pages to stop updating the view at very slow speeds.
Changed the nature of seabed areas to simply label the area instead of drawing a circle and label.
Updated the symbol highlighting on the chart to use the correct symbol size.
Added the blue and black direction lines for orthogonal photo points.

Changes made from version 2.60 to 3.00:
Fixed potential lock-up when autorouting with XM connected.
Added support for GB Discoverer charts.
Expanded control of navigation leg transition to include a time-based choice.
Improved waypoint marking interface to minimize map obstruction. The unit will no longer display the waypoint review page automatically when marking waypoints on the map. Select the new waypoint's name from the pointing menu to review.
Added route turn angle information to turn scanning text.
Revised weather legends for GPSMAP 640 XM weather charts.
Greatly improved the drawing speed for charts. In most areas users should rarely see a partially drawn map when zooming and panning.
Added continuous smoothing between zoom levels.
Added continuous smoothing of the head-up direction for head-up charts. Head-up users will find this change a remarkable improvement in performance.
Add ability to choose the label display for waypoints by symbol. User can choose to show labels for waypoints of a particular symbol with the waypoint name, comment, or symbol only.
Waypoints can now be turned off on charts by symbol. This allows the waypoints on the map to be quickly limited to those of interest for the boater's current activity.
Added option for a compass tape at the top of the screen.
Added all supporting features for the latest g2 and g2 Vision, including user control of bathymetric contour shading.
Added a perspective 3D display of charts for people who do not have g2 Vision cards.
Added ability to overlay charts and photographs on the 3D relief when using g2 Vision.
Added ability to rotate the 3D view and point to objects for review.
Numerous appearance and drawing performance improvements.
Added option for a compass tape at the top of the screen.
Added user comments field to waypoints.
Added range, bearing, and a graphical pointer to waypoint review pages.
Use a solid line for AIS vessel heading and a dashed line for course over ground.
Added user-controlled trails for AIS and DSC vessels.
Added connecting legs over shallow areas at the beginning and end of the path. This allows the boater to auto guide to a shore-based service. The unit will sound an alarm when the boat approaches the shallow leg.
Added a control for shore-line proximity tolerance which allows the user to choose tighter margins for passage through narrow channels or set a larger distance margin from the shoreline.
When following Autoguidance, added a navigation option to recalculate Autoguidance to the current destination from the boat's current position.

Changes made from version 2.50 to 2.60:
Corrected potential issue that may cause the unit to lock up or shut down if a GPS database file becomes too old.
Added charging state timeout to automotive mode. The unit will now shut down completely after being on the automotive charging page for 30 minutes. This mimics the behavior already used in marine mode.
Corrected issue with insufficient space for speed limit display. When the speed limit sign tried to display 3 digits (currently only possible in Kilometer mode), the unit would only display the first 2 digits. For example, 120km/h would show as 12km/h.
Fixed compatibility issues with USB 1.1 hubs.
Marine mode will now display a warning message if recalled BlueChart g2 or g2 Vision card is detected. Please see
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BlueChart g2 and g2 Vision Data Card Version 2009 Recall FAQ - June 4, 2009 | Garmin for more details.

Changes made from version 2.40 to 2.50:
Added support in marine mode for safety contour for enhanced g2 vision cartography.
Fixed issue for marine mode where deleting the last waypoint, route, or track log from the list presented in the 'Where To?' menu would result in an erroneous entry being displayed.

version 2.40
GPSMAP620_WebUpdater__240.gcd (23,8 MB)
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Changes made from version 2.30 to 2.40:
Corrected issue with 'Yes/No' prompts causing shutdowns in marine mode when the product is configured to use the Arabic language.

Changes made from version 2.20 to 2.30:
Eliminated rare possibility of 3D graphics anomalies.
Added changes to improve production efficiency.
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