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    272289 topo austria v1

    Garmin “Topo Oesterreich” Mapsource is the first digital, topographical map collection created in Austria, which is based upon vectors and was
    designed to be used with GARMIN GPS-units. It is also based upon data from various suppliers, covering the whole country.
    “Topo Oesterreich” is designed and intended for the private use in the context of leisure activities, like hiking, cycling, and climbing.
    It is neither adapted for the controlling of autopilot systems in automobiles, ships or airplanes nor for the precise rotational
    position sensing of a navigation system.
    This program enables you to find your way in a designated area with the help of the digital collection of maps when used in corporation with GARMIN Software.The information is based upon the:
    - the Federal Offi ce for Calibration and Measurement © (BEV)
    - the Directory of the Points of Interest as well as the road information in ©Teleatlas - s´Hertogenbosh
    - GPS-Association for Professional Satellite Navigation inc., Germany © GPS Ltd.
    Just like in all material dealing with maps, data can be missing or be incorrect. Our suppliers provide the measurements and surveying of the areas.

    “Topo Oesterreich” is a digital vector map of Austria and was created to be used with GARMIN-GPS-units. The map is compatible
    with GARMIN Map Source® and is grouped in 196 independent partial components. Each component has between
    0.5 and 2 MB. The entire volume of data adds up to 200 MB. All road, path and waterway networks are included, with the
    exception of forest and private streets. An additional 114,000 geographical names and positions, approximately 600 refuges
    and a terrain model measuring with an exactness of as close to 20 meters is also included. The map serves to support the
    navigation on site via a GPS-unit. It does not provide the automatic navigation on streets- known as auto-routing.
    GPS-unit Requirements
    Every GARMIN-GPS fi tted with a map memory storage you can use with „Topo Oesterreich“. Many mapped regions can be
    transmitted onto the unit, depending on the size of the memory. The picture on black and white screens differs greatly when
    compared to that of coloured screens.
    Capable mapping devices available at the time of the creation of this product include:
    e-trex LEGEND, e-trex VISTA, GPS V, e-trex LEGEND C, e-trex VISTA C,
    GPSmap60/C/CS, GPSmap76/C/S/CS, GPSmap276C, Quest
    “Topo Oesterreich” is primarily designed for outdoor-GPS-units, however it can- with certain limitations- be used as a device
    for street navigation and PDAs. Older devices without the Unit-ID identifi cation cannot be used with this product even if they
    are equipped with a mapping memory storage component.

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