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    Default Lost CD can I use a second-hand one?

    I was an early adopter of GPS on motorbikes and at the time the only one that was rain proof and had long battery life (bike renters donít want you messing with the bikes electrics) was the 276C. Yes right hand buttons but became used to this. I want to do another trip or two before I hang up my leathers but have lost the CD City Navigator Europe 2008 Ė I do have the unlock key. Garmin helpfully say if you have lost the CD tough Ė they used to be both technical and helpful. I would rather not use OSM , tried this on a trip in Asia and it was tedious and result was a monochrome image. If I buy a second-hand CD City Navigator Europe 2008 would it unlock and work properly?

    Thanks for any advice


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    Important User Lost CD can I use a second-hand one?
    Lost CD can I use a second-hand one?Lost CD can I use a second-hand one?
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    @John Aero
    Yes another copy of CN EU 2008 will work with your unlock key (or for that matter any key generated by JetMouse - google it ) .... However, why would you want to use a 13 years old map in which the actual data is more like 15 to 16 years out of date is my thought. Your trusty old GPSMAP 276C doesn't have GMA or any other advanced protection, it only has the original map locking which is very easily overcome. So my suggestion is to look around for a recent copy of the NT version of CN EU in unlocked GMAP format to load to your PC. You can then generate an IMG file to the maximum size constrained by your Garmin DataCard.



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