Topographic map of Central America for Garmin

It is a map with contour lines every 50 meters, and it is "transparent" ,it can be used together to map CenRut or otherwise without removing cover its functionality or its contents.
Based on digital elevation models of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Japan picked up by a Japanese satellite called "Aster" whose content is publicly accessible, and then compiled THROUGH DEM2TOPO free software, developed by a university in Canada. The product is a map of about 78 mb,which has been compiled by Carlos from Venezuela.

CenRut can be displayed simultaneously with the topographic map?

Yes , once you have installed both maps in mapsource, select the tool map (which is like a diamond) the tiles you want to have (by selecting , color changes to "pink", then change your project (product selection) and select the tiles you want ,at the end ,send to the GPS .

Remember to have all of both maps must have about 110 mb free
Free map

Download the map here
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