Requirements: All Garmin devices and software supporting NT maps and Chinese language

The official Garmin China maps have artificial offsets (coordinate deviations) added for national security reasons. Using these maps on normal GPS devices or software will not display your actual location on the map. Instead, you will be a few hundred meters away from your actual location. Only GPS devices and software approved to be sold in the China market have additional built-in firmware or program to use these maps without offset problems. Even so, the saved waypoints, routes, tracks are still deviated. Neither can topo maps be used with them.

Venus is a series of maps derived from the official Garmin China maps but with offsets corrected. Nothing but the coordinates are changed, so all road, POI info, as well as routing, searching apabilities remain intact. Saved waypoints, routes, tracks will have no offset problems. Compatible with topo maps too. These maps can be used on any regular Garmin GPS devices and software as other maps. However, some maps are in Chinese language only and require Chinese support on your device to display and search in Chinese.

1. No guarantee or warranty is given. Use at your own risk.
2. The correction is not perfect yet. A few places may have a gap between roads.

For this 2010.32 map:
a. Map is locked.
b. Map ID is 2126.
c. All road and POI names are in simplified Chinese.

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Once opened, search the word WINWAR. The download links are right above the word.

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