Ran into my first semi-bricked Garmin and would appreciate some help with this issue.
I am a newbie to this forum, but have done other electronic things on other forums, so not afraid to try things...
Filled in the questions so you know my answers:

1) Bricked device MODEL, Firmware version, HWID. 57LM, 4.50, 2087

2) Why and how the device got bricked. Was going to update the maps, but before I plugged it into the PC it would not finish it's boot, always staying on the Garmin splash screen

3) Symptoms: what's wrong in your device? Will not go past the splash screen and PC will not recognize it as a USB device unless I place it into Pre-Boot (hold upper left)

4) Does your pc sees your device ? NO

5) List all the procedures you already tried to unbrick it and their results and errors messages obtained. Garmine Cure and firmware .rgn files will load via Updater but PC will not see it afterwards.

6) Do you have Garmin USB Drivers installed ? Garmin: USB Drivers Updates & Downloads YES

7) If you don't know HWID get it by Use program G7ToWin to retrieve your HWID 2087

8) Write down if you already read or tried GarminCure3 tool - the new way to create cure firmwares for Garmin devices
How to unbrick a nüvi - step by step guide DONE

9) Can you reach preboot mode? If no ,have you followed this? Garmin Updater.exe v.2.8.0 YES and YES

10) Probably no , but do you have NV backup? NO

LOL...not yelling just frustrated...

Thanks in advance,