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    Default Hack and change UI of Zumo665? Possible?

    First post and I apologize for entering the forum with a complaint.
    Long time zumo user, first a 550, now a 665. I often travel long solo distances by motorcycle, so I somewhat depend/use my gps as a tool for nav, but also, info via xm, or entertainment while on the road. I have the weather service and the traffic service and find the "idea" of them useful. I can tolerate the sometimes iffy prospect of the zumo "recalculating," I can tolerate (poorly) the software quirks of basecamp, but I find the user interface user-hostile. It's somewhat better on the 665 than the 550, but...

    Are there any user mods that:

    Some things on the wish list--and are likely hackable???--

    user configurable "menu" so useful links can be 1 or 2 clicks from the map screen, not 4 or more?

    Make the font bigger, user configurable? Especially for warnings that appear...the font is miniscule, the smallest on the display

    Change the "compass" screen to a big a$$ speedo

    eliminate certain "options" from the menu screen (or POI screen) that you never use and only hinder progress

    configure a freq used screen that has the links you freq use rather than, eg, have to scroll through "museums" to get to Rest Area?

    make buttons on the touch screen bigger and thereby easier to actuate.

    configure the "weather service" to certain mileage radius--right now it is something like 250 miles--useless

    Is it possible to have a weather overlay on the map, rather than having to switch over to the weather map?

    drag and drop with google maps

    There are others, but these are the biggies that have full "gotcha!" potential that only tease you with info or make it hard to get to freq used items, that would be different for different users, but if configurable would make a huge difference.

    So far, from my searching various motorcycle forums, it seems the answer is no to all of the above, so holding out hope that you guys can helP?

    TIA and again sorry for entering the forum with a complaint

    some info---live in New Orleans, ride a bimmer, Garmin customer x 10 years, glad to see such a forum exists

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