Lol mate, i'm not a programmer. I'm a self-described 'blunt-instrument' man even with hardware [if it can't be fixed with proverbial duct tape and a hammer just junk it] so i may as well study my navel as try logging as you suggest, but thanks for the unintended compliment in that you thought i might have a clue what to do. I'm happy to take your word that the input and output file names are irrelevant.

I've made a few detail map rgn files now with both makergn.exe and RGN_Tool/Hex edit rgn# method. In all cases the resultant files have been identical and match in hex and hash compares. Not to say that there may be exceptions, i've only done 3 or 4. It seems from that alone, makergn takes the decimal rgn# in the command, converts it to hex and overwrites it into the correct location, which in itself to me is just bl**dy brilliant! But maybe it calculates ckecksum too and does other checks, i dunno. In any case, it's much much much safer to use makergn.exe for making rgn files in the hands of the likes of me. I wasn't suggesting for a moment that anyone should use the clumsy and easily stuffed-up RGN_Tool method, and just to be clear neither was i suggesting that the method of writing a map *.rgn to regions 3, 49 & 50 for these old units would work with modern MSM devices by writing to regions 48 or 83, but i'd be game and prepared to try for fun, but really it's pointless because with later units we can dump, modify and write back 48 and 83, or simply load cure fw and then easily delete faulty files and/or reformat the internal file system. The two types of devices are quite different for sure, probably even a lot more than i know or even suspect in fact.

As for dumping regions, i have no idea really if that's a go. Maybe it needs a service cable or something like that if it is possible. Certainly txt commands with ldr.bin or kunix's modded boot.bin via Updater.exe ain't gonna work because these things have no media card slot. Even if there are commands in the fw and even if there's a way of executing them without special kit they would then have to be written to the unit's internal flash, and there's no way to get the dump off the unit anyway. I'd like to hear what kunix thinks, he's got a big insight into these types of units and has sorted out voice problems etc for EU Honda GoldWing navi units which in hardware are very much like SP2610, the immediate predecessor of the 2720. In fw i think they're more like the 2720. I asked earlier about the possibility of using QuickCure3 or a mod of it to stop the boot-loop happening on tecknit's unit. I'm sure that's what was causing MS & WU GUI to "make 'n' break" connections to the unit. It would seem unnecessary now because Updater.exe holds the connection in spite of the boot loop which allows any known files region to be flashed without having to rely on BAT/WU command prompt catching a break for a even very few seconds. But maybe not all regions can be flashed by either of those methods, and we don't know [or at least i don't know] what regions are used and or for what, apart from for sure 3, 49 & 50 for maps and maybe [guessing only] 5, 12 and 14 for boot and unit software, maybe 11 for *.vpm files. I'd like to know more of them.

Thanks again for your interest in this flagmax, it's much appreciated. I know kunix is always as busy as a one-armed lint picker in a blue serge suit factory, but any time he's been able to allocate to us always results in a steep learning curve for me, and although i often need a cup of tea and a lie down afterwards I'd love to hear what he has to say [apart from 'stop wasting your time on these old units you crazy Aussie!' of course]. No, Giomen would say that but kunix is too polite.