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    Navigation software expert Logic of Unicode map???
    Logic of Unicode map???Logic of Unicode map???Logic of Unicode map???
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    help Logic of Unicode map???

    I prefer English menu in device!
    But if I choose English text in menu setting I lack the possibility of searching by Ukrainian. Only setting Ukrainian text in menu do it. No problem for me but I want see my-edition version of English on screen. I know the one way to resolve this problem it is edit uk_UA.glx files. I replace all content uk_UA.glx on copy obtained from English glx file but do not change header:

    <catalog codepage="utf-8" direction="0" display_name="Українська English"
    file_version="3.50" language="uk_UA" pnumber="006-D3318-00">

    Note - Українська English - I make for my visual confirmation.

    It is work. I have full search by Ukrainian with English interface if I would choose Українська English in menu. But I lack Ukrainian interface and so I receive deprivation of civil rights to drink Gorilka - Ukrainian vodka.

    I think this problem concerning all not Latin languages - Greek, Bulgarian and others. For example, if you use Russian interface you do not have cyrillic in Bulgarian for search if you did not change interface to Bulgarian.

    Any suggestions about this problem???
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    True it is an issue. A software thoughtlessness issue! Unfortunately this is not the only issue with the CNE unicode maps. For example on different zoom levels latin and cyrrilic labels mix on the screen despite the choosen interface. Which is also annoying of course for english and cyrrilic users...

    Now let me show you how this is solved on the Lumia phones, the Nokia phones, using the same Navteq/Nokia mapping. BTW I thinking nowadays Lumias are one of the biggest Garmin automotive navigational competitor.

    So here how you can managed it in the phones - just with one simple function "Browse and search language":

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    And voal you have the map in Cyrrilic (both alphabets supported for searching):

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    or in Latin (again both alphabets support for searching):

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Simple and easy.
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