Newbie here, many thanks to all the knowledgeable contributors.

As far as maps go I have a question regarding that.
I have a Garmin Nuvi 670, with CN North America 2011.30 loaded on the unit.
I have downloaded several unlocked files and placed them on SD cards.
For example I had downloaded CN Brazil NT 2010.20, when I insert this card the map shows up, then when I want to enter address it asks, what country. This is how I believe it should work. Then I have to type in state and city and it works.

Today I downloaded unlocked Brazil v2011.40 from this site, the map is recognized, however, when I want to enter address it ask "what state". If I type in a state in Brazil, then a city, it shows up.

My question is why do some gmasupp.img files display what country, and others do not.
Since South America (Brazil) is not part of North America, I would think it should display "what country".

Thanks in advance for any advice offered.