For a start, Gmail has blocked email confirmations, it seems. This is an assumption
So register then go to Presentation and do a hello post but do not say I need activation, do a nice post and a Mob and myself will say HI.
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Now this is a list of Email providers that have had return confirmation:

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But they may not always work due to what ever hey
Now, before you go off and try one, make sure you do a post in Presentations.
Once you have done, a new Email account “the one in red maybe easier to do” come back and edit your account and replace your email with the new one (copy/paste) then save your alteration at the bottom, it may email you.
OK, so if you post in presentations, this is what your post will look like:
Now when you change your email, and you get your confirmation come and see your presentation post, and it should be like this. IF not, I will change your status. If you have not posted, you will be an Inactive Member till you do.

If you don't see your post, DO NOT keep posting and a Mod will approve as it is possibly hidden by system
Happy registering.

If all fails go here and follow Catymags Post .
[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]