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    Tool Inserting Radar and Pois GO 40,50,60,400,500,600,5000,6000,5100, START 40,50,60

    Inserting Radar and Pois GO 40,50,60,400,500,600,5000,6000,5100, START 40,50,60

    How do I transfer items from MyDrive to my navigation device?
    Updated: 29/04/2015
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    In MyDrive, you can add POIs, Favourites and active destination and sync these to your device.
    Which devices can I use it on?

    This feature is compatible with the following devices: GO 40, GO 50, GO 60, GO 400, GO 500, GO 600, Rider 400, Rider 40, GO 510, GO 610, GO 5000, GO 6000, GO 5100, GO 6100, START 40, START 50, START 60.
    You must have the latest software version installed on your navigation device to be able to use MyDrive. To find out what the latest software is for your device, see our FAQ: What has changed in the updated software for my device?

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    NOTE: For START 40, START 50, START 60, you need to connect your navigation device to your computer using USB to transfer MyDrive information to your navigation device.

    Adding Favourites
    To add a Favourite, follow the steps below:

    1.- In MyDrive, click on the My Places menu
    myplaces menu
    2.-If you are not already logged in, you will need to do so now.
    3.-Click on Favourites then Add a new place.
    4.-Search for the location you want to add. You can search using address or coordinates.
    5.-You can choose to give your Favourite a name. Once you’ve finished, click Done.
    6.-You will be able to see your Favourite right away in the MyDrive map, and on your device next time you switch it on and are logged in to your MyDrive account.

    You can also add a Favourite either by zooming and panning on the map to find the desired location, or using the Search menu. Once you’ve found the location, use the menu button to store the location as a Favourite by adding it to My Places.

    Adding POI files

    You can import OV2 files with a maximum size of 2MB from your computer using the following steps:myplaces menu

    1.-In MyDrive, click on the My Places menu
    2.-If you are not already logged in, you will need to do so now.
    3.-Click on POI files.
    4.-Click Import POI file.
    5.-Click Select File to browse your computer for the file you want to upload.
    6.-If your device is connected to your computer with a USB cable the .OV2 file will be synced right away. If not, syncing will happen next time you switch on your device and log in to your MyDrive account.

    NOTE: Syncing large files to your device may take some time, so we recommend you always do this before starting your journey.
    You will find your POI files under the My Places menu on your device. The My Places category will have the same name as the OV2 file you uploaded.

    Note: Make sure that there is enough free space on your device to download the POI file before syncing your device with MyDrive. If there is not enough space, the POI file might not be synced.
    You can check the amount of available space by going to Help >About in the menu on your navigation device, or by clicking My Content in MyDrive Connect with your device connected.

    The first thing we need to have updated our tomtom and computer with the latest version of Drive My NavCore and Connect,
    in my case today 04-05-2015 son navcore 15.202. y

    tomtom connects with computer

    then you must enter the main menu of the tomtom,

    1.- Services TomTom

    2.- Press in MyDrive Not logged in

    The 2.- Put your email address (the same you use in MyDyve)
    3.- Put your password
    4.- Home Session


    once logged in will give you this:

    MyDrive open on the computer Connect login with the same account as the TomTom and follow the steps of the images below

    Once you have finished putting all pois where you should appear menu My Places in the same tomtom so:

    Credit dobry5885
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