Now if I could only get the AVH-X4800BS to work in "Mirror Mode" with my Galaxy S7. Seems to work fine, except display is garbled, like the video format from the S7 is not compatable with the X4800. The proper screens are displays (I think), the HU screen does show when I touch the S7 screen and change stuff and HU displays changes when the S7 screen changes, just can't read the HU image.

Have tried everything from plugging directly into the USB port on HU, using USB3 cable, using short cable, changing all the settings on the S7. Nothing works. Hopefully either Pioneer or Samsung / Android will come up with a fix at some point. My iPAD works just fine with the HU but is slooooooooow (an old S5 I have hanging around worked, too), so I think it's a Samsung / Android issue with the S7. Both the HU has firmware 8.15 on it (8.18 just came out but has nothing improved that I use) and S7 has the latest firmware / software on it.