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    Android New: Skin_Doupas_V8.8_Default & Silver & Pearl & Crystal 2.4.

    Our colleague Andreas again surprises:
    Here is the new version of its glorious Skin - Doupas_ver._8.8
    What's new:
    What news?

    1) New images for speedcams alerts from jjavram.
    2) New speedometer with arrows from jjavram dest ... Settings / Settings
    on the map / Speedometer.
    3) New setting In favorites.We can change the name of our favorites!
    Find / Favorites
    4) New ability! We can avoid toll or use tolls in our destination.
    5) New settings in the Grand compass. We can change the position and the
    Compass size. Settings / Extra Settings / Compass settings.
    6) And many other improvements dry as the "Avoidance" from the
    Overview and the ability to change the vehicle in Alternative Routes.

    Several screen's with skin:
    [img]http://img11.hostingpics.net/pics/802189image04.jpg[/ img]

    This post requires you to click the "LIKE this post" button and hit F5 to read this content.

    Andreas and Jiavram - Good work
    Thank you.

    Regards wojpen
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    ---------------------------------LONG PRESS IN DOUPAS SKIN MAP BUTTONS-----

    In Doupas skin, we have many useful buttons, on the map, with double operations.
    Difference, with a simple press of the buttons and difference, with long press them.
    Many useful operations and I decide, to make a simple list, for the long press of theese buttons.

    1) the ( telephone ) button which is on the top and left.
    if we long press it we can change our skin.

    2) (eye button)
    at the bottom of the first button is the eye
    button and when we long press it , we can see the pois near us.

    3) ( camera )button which is bottom of the ( eye ) button.
    when we long press it,
    we can disable our cameras.

    4) ( fast settings ) button, which is on the top and right (near tmc button) '
    when we long press it we can disable our sound.

    5) (poi button ) which is bottom of no 4 button.
    when we long press it .we can make
    our settings of the poi near us..

    6) ( 2 D- 3 D button) with long press it
    we can enable and disable overview

    7) [ big speed button]
    with one click we can see our sound settings menu
    but with long press it we can restart our program.

    8)(first big turn) on the top and left: when we long press it, we can lock scren.
    with another long press , we disable lock screen

    9) (Second turn) If long press this button , we can see TTS PRO settings

    10) ( the big right menu ) first we press the( bottom left button) to enable it.
    when we enable it we can see
    other useful buttons.'
    if we long press one of theese button, we can have a choice from an another buttons list, to use another button for this possition for the button which we long press it. After change button , for this position we return back , pressing x button left.

    11)if we LONG press the (bottom right ) button (the same as above, which with a simple press enable ( the big right menu ) , we retun to start menu
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    Frontzosd - Mate,
    Thank you very much for the detailed description.
    regards wojpen



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