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    Hi, I need a map to use in a rent car in italy... which one should i download?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lugeflu2 View Post
    Hi, I need a map to use in a rent car in italy... which one should i download?
    You have not been recommended this 3rd for posting ... but for reading with accurancy..

    1) for which nuvi? Support the EPN (CX) ?
    2) for CX is correct the other 3rd and archive/map...but ONLY for CX
    3) use the NT map,better for tour in ALL Italy: the cooverage for CX only in Napoli,Roma,Firenze,Milano,Venezia e Torino
    4) more infos,please .....


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    Devices that support enhanced pedestrian mode when used with cityXplorer maps:

    nuvi 1100
    nuvi 1200 series
    nuvi 1300 series
    nuvi 1400 series
    nuvi 1490TV
    nuvi 1690
    nuvi 2200 series
    nuvi 2300 series
    nuvi 2400 series
    nuvi 2405 series
    nuvi 2505 series
    nuvi 2585TV
    nuvi 3400 series
    nuvi 3500 series
    nuvi 3700 series
    LIVE 1695
    LIVE 2300 series
    dezl 560

    For more information about how to change what transit types you allow when using enhanced pedestrian navigation, please review the FAQ article here:
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    Devices that are compatible with cityXplorer but do NOT provide enhanced pedestrian navigation:

    On the Road

    nuvi 200 series
    nuvi 205 series
    nuvi 295W
    nuvi 30, 40, and 50 series
    nuvi 300 series
    nuvi 500 series
    nuvi 600 series
    nuvi 700 series
    nuvi 705 series
    nuvi 800 series
    nuvi 805 series
    nuvi 2407 & 2408 series
    nuvi 2507 & 2508 series
    nuvi 2707 series
    nuvi 3507 & 3508 series
    nuvi 5000
    dezl 760
    RV/Camper 760
    All zumo models
    StreetPilot c300 series
    StreetPilot c500 series
    StreetPilot i-series
    StreetPilot 7000 series

    In the Air
    aera 500 series

    On the Trail
    Astro 320
    Colorado series
    Dakota 20
    eTrex Legend Cx
    eTrex Legend HCx
    eTrex Venture Cx
    eTrex Vista Cx
    eTrex Vista HCx
    eTrex 20
    eTrex 30
    GPSMAP 60CSx
    GPSMAP 60Cx
    GPSMAP 62 series
    GPSMAP 76CSx
    GPSMAP 76Cx
    Montana series
    Oregon series
    Rino 520HCx
    Rino 530HCx
    Rino 610
    Rino 650
    Rino 655t

    Into Sports
    Edge 605
    Edge 705
    Edge 800

    On the Water
    GPSMAP 620
    GPSMAP 640
    GPSMAP 78
    GPSMAP 78s
    GPSMAP 78sc
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    Etrex 20/30 work really well with CityXplorer as the smaller maps increase the refresh speed of the unit. Best also to use contours with them as well for a pseudo topo effect.

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    hi I am kind of slow lerner, I did download it and then when I use the JM with the FID and all it generates a serial were do I use that? Also I did unlock and put it inside the sd card and it does not apear inside my maps.

    my gps is a 3590


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    Your 3590 needs to use the modified files of course, and FID 800 used in Jetmouse.

    You must then save the generated code in Notepad as <same_file_name_as_image>.unl. Simply open Notepad and then copy/paste the JM code without spaces or carriage returns into it. Select File>Save As, then from the dropdown "Save as type" select "All Files (*.*)" ensuring that you don't have a double extension i.e. ".txt.unl".

    I'll add that info to the initial post anyway which may save further confusion although it is common knowledge.

    Unlocking with an unlocker won't work either. Read Post #1 again carefully.
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