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    topo Topo Chile Deluxe 2015.10

    Topo Chile Deluxe 2015.10

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    Part Number: 010-D1291-00

    More info:
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    Let us be your outdoor guide in Chile. These detailed topographic maps show recreational and street maps for outdoor activities, featuring terrain contours, elevations, summits, parks, coastlines, rivers, lakes and geographical points.

    •Provides detailed topographic maps for hiking, backpacking, cycling and other outdoor adventures.
    •Shows routable road content including turn-by-turn directions.
    •Includes a searchable database of points of interests as well as information on national parks, trails and tracks, lakes, rivers and streams.


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    Thanks for the Map Kenta
    if you know: what's the differences, if any, versus [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    I've notice the smaller size, maybe a new compression Algorithm?
    Obviously, this map is newer, and I feel, even more powerful.

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    In this map: maps 172, sub-files 173
    in Topo Chile Deluxe 2014.20: maps 161, sub-files 162.
    New data included:

    I0CAF89E NT 26748310 1 1252 24 L 1 3411 ANTARTICA_1 >Topo Chile Deluxe 2015.10
    I0CAF89F NT 29484452 1 1252 24 L 1 3411 ANTARTICA_2 >Topo Chile Deluxe 2015.10
    I0CAF8A0 NT 31291809 1 1252 24 L 1 3411 ANTARTICA_3 >Topo Chile Deluxe 2015.10
    I0CAF8A1 NT 33231861 1 1252 24 L 1 3411 ANTARTICA_4 >Topo Chile Deluxe 2015.10
    I0CAF8A2 NT 12275680 1 1252 24 L 1 3411 ANTARTICA_5 >Topo Chile Deluxe 2015.10
    I0CAF8A3 NT 58589604 1 1252 24 L 1 3411 ANTARTICA_6 >Topo Chile Deluxe 2015.10
    I0CAF8A4 NT 43815425 1 1252 24 L 1 3411 ANTARTICA_7 >Topo Chile Deluxe 2015.10
    I0CAF8A5 NT 50987880 1 1252 24 L 1 3411 ANTARTICA_8 >Topo Chile Deluxe 2015.10
    I0CAF8A6 NT 8881587 1 1252 24 L 1 3411 ANTARTICA_9 >Topo Chile Deluxe 2015.10
    I0CAF8A7 NT 42180977 1 1252 24 L 1 3411 ANTARTICA_10 >Topo Chile Deluxe 2015.10
    I0CAF8A8 NT 78392 1 1252 24 L 1 3411 OCEANO_ANTARTICO >Topo Chile Deluxe 2015.10
    New MPC compiler probably, better compression.
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    You have to navigate to get to the good.
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    not sure if it can make a big difference in size BUT usually the Topo Chile Deluxe has a lot of Product Placement, I mean it has more info of McDonald, KFC, etc. (huge coverage for cities) than trails.
    So you can navigate better in the city than on the mountains. So MAYBE this version has less Product Placement xD
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