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    Some of the previous models have a limit of 2025 map tiles. The Garmin Oregon and Montana can handle at least 4000 map tiles.
    Sorry if I didn't gave the full background but there's at least what I wrote in post #2:
    Quote Originally Posted by Ballebar View Post
    About the 4 GiB barrier!

    Well, you can put as many <= 4 GiB map files as you want in the Map directory of your memory card. As long as there's room for all the files anyway.
    The problem is other constraints like how many map tiles your unit supports and the most severe constraint about the number of map families it can support.
    If I store all TOPO Norway Adventure in one gmapsupp.img then I have 20 map families there. That's NOT readable by any Garmin unit I've tested including the Garmin Montana 650t. Normally it works with 16 or 17 MapIDs as the total for all maps but not with 20.
    All the problems with map families have been discussed in some other forums by other users. There's special patched variants of TOPO Norway Adventure with one single MapID for all 20 regions. I believe that Mapperoni is the creator of one such release.

    The full installation of TOPO Norway Adventure have 727 map tiles and it would generate a file size of 1.24 GB according to MapSource. So it's well under 4000 or 2025 map tiles and also lower than 4 GiB and even less than 2 GiB.


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    Hi Ballebar,

    Sorry for not reading the post from the beginning as you had already discussed the tile limitations.

    Obviously, tile limitations are not the problem this time.

    Have a great day !


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ballebar View Post
    2^10 vs. 10^3...............
    OK, here comes another rule break .....THANKS, Ballebar!

    NOW i've got my head around it. I just wish i had found something as clear and easy to understand as that when i searched outside for it. There would be other 'village idiots' high-fiving themselves after reading your post too (sorry timp4411, i didn't mean you, i mean me). Surely you could find a place for that explanation post as a tut/guide somewhere else as well... i'm betting it would helpful be to many, many others. System wouldn't let me Rep you again so soon, but it will happen. Maybe others can and will. I may sleep without shiraz tonight... nah, i'm gonna have it anyway .


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