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    Quote Originally Posted by Smulan View Post
    You work with a couple of maps and also maybe a couple of gps devices and when you are satisfied with the result you are done. Theese tools are not something you work with every day in my opinion. Maybe that is why there are no comparisions made for the different typ handling tools like there are discussions on Mapsource/BaseCamp which are everyday tools?
    Pick one, try to do the things you want to do and if you run into difficulties, try another tool. If you find any advantages/disadvantages or limitations, please let us know.
    Good luck !
    Do you have a list of all the types (codes) for city navigator maps. ?
    When I open City Navigator Maps the Only thing you find in there is Extra Icons.

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    I note that the author of this tool does not want it to be shared. But it is free and can be downloaded here [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    The downloaded free license key seems to be linked to one e-mail address, I dont really understand the reason for this procedure for a freeware but I have asked for a key since I am more used to this tool than the TYPViwer alternative. Otherwise I would go for the TYPViewer instead.

    As far as I know there are no lists avalible which code is linked to which polyline/polygone etc so some trial and error may be neccesary. Some good documenation can be found at [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] and that may be to same help.

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    As far as I know there are no lists avalible which code is linked to which polyline/polygone etc so some trial and error may be neccesary
    Yes, no such list exists ( and cannot exist because these associations between objects and codes are not always the same, they often depend on the mapset...)

    City Navigator are now NT maps , so there is, AFAIK, no simple way to know which code is linked to a polygone/polyline...

    Personally I use special typ files to do that: I create typ files including a lot of polylines ( for example all polylines from 0x10000 to 0x10F1F), so that every polyline has an unique color, whose RGB code "includes" the type and the subtype of the line (for example , color #B10713 stands for type=0x107 and subtype=0x13).
    Then you open Mapsource(or Basecamp) , don't forget to disable shading, and you look at the color of the line you want to discover the code. The color gives you the type and subtype ( because in my typfiles, the color code includes the the type and subtype of the polyline).

    To do this, you can use TYPViewer (of course! ;-) ) : go to "Tools/Special typs for types identification" and create a typ file (or several typ files if you have no idea of the range where the type of the polyline stands).
    Then associate this typ file with your mapset (use again TYPViewer : "Tools/Install a typ file" ) and then use the color picker of TYPViewer ("Tools/color identifier" and don't forget to clear Mapsource/Basecamp cache - TYPViewer can do it to)) : you will see the type and the subtype of your polyline. (if not, the typ file you have create may not cover the right range of types; try another)


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