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    Why do i want a new ISO?
    The answer is very simple : i live in Eastern Europe, so i need maps from the eastern region. I have a working, but a bit old dvd (E1F 2017-2018 Ver.1 East, 8.5GB).
    Expernavi's ISO (E1G 2017-2018 Ver.2 East) newer, but not working, i don't know why.
    This is why i want a working version (E1G Central files but East maps).

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    I'm not sure if this will works.
    I would avoid using KFE since it could mess with the route addresses.

    What I would try is the following:

    I guess you are using the E1F East white label from another post in this forum ?
    If so, it contains older loading.kwi, and may not read version 2 of compressed files.

    - Make a copy of your old but working ISO E1F East so you have a backup.
    - Open that E1F East ISO with PowerISO, we will edit the files there. Since it's a working ISO.
    - Now, copy//paste following files from E1G East to E1F ISO.
    I would copy ALLDATA, REGION, VOICEDAT and IDX folder (and maybe BMP folder)
    (- Use KFE to cut countries if needed).
    - Burn
    - If not working, copy loading.kwi from E1G 17-18Ver.2 East Europe original DVD into the ISO and try again.

    Optionnally, I would also make a diff to see the difference of the 05.cmp file using KIWI Compressor


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