I moved to UAE for work from the US of A. Got my car shipped 3 months ago and finally got it here in UAE a couple of days ago. I am talking about 2013 Lexus LX 570. The GPS obviously doesn't work and after 10 hours of research realized that I am not alone in this situation. What I know so far is that the system for North American specs is different then the European/middle eastern system. Easiest way for me explain my understanding so far is, its like the old PAL and NTSC video formats. For those who are old enough would probably understand what I am referring to..... My question is there is got to be a way to change the main hard drive file (firmware file) to be able to read the middle east map files. I know this would come with a risk of (Bricking) the system probably. But at this point I am willing to take a chance.
Can someone please help me or share some information that already exist out in the cyber land. Thanks in advance for all your help.