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    Default 720/730 920/930 Battery Change

    720/730 920/930 Battery Change
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    TomTom GO x20 (and probably x30) Battery Replacement

    First, youíll need to procure a matching Lithium Polymer battery. Iíve run across others of the
    same type on the net, but have noted odd numbers of wires and mismatched connectors. I
    purchased the ďreal dealĒ at BatteryShip.com under their part number AHL03713100. They
    donít seem to realize that they have more than just a GO920/920T battery. Trust me, the 720
    and 720T use exactly the same pack. Each uses the same 3 pin connector.

    As I have yet to own either of these in the x30 flavor, I canít say with absolute certainty that the
    pack is identical in all respects, but Iíve heard nothing to the contrary.

    If you purchase from BatteryShip.com, youíll also receive a couple of torx head wrenchs and a
    plastic tool that looks like youíd use it to remove miniature bicycle tires. The miniature slot and
    philips screwdrivers wonít be needed unless your unit was built with different screws than mine.
    Come to think of it, I believe my original 720 used philips screws.

    Step #1 Ė Remove Antenna Plug and Screws

    Start by flipping the unit on its face on a soft surface. Remove the antenna plug with your
    fingers, and remove the two screws indicated...
    37324623 30222743

    Step #2 Ė Separate Display from Case

    Using the screwdriver or something slightly larger, push on the threaded insert where the screw
    had been until you begin to see the front of the unit move away from the case. Move back and
    forth between the two sides. It may be a bit sticky. Carefully pull the top of the unit away from
    the case. The bottom of the unit is held into the case mechanically using a little hook
    mechanism. Donít force the separation. Lift the unit away from the hook on the bottom during
    44487673 23972815

    Step #3 Ė Remove Display Unit Flex Cable and Mic Cable, and Split Unit

    Sorry for the quality of the photography. The amber colored plastic with the copper traces in it is
    the flex circuit. On my unit, there was a strip of black tape covering the connector. If there,
    youíll need to peel that black tape off first. Fortunately, I got a good side view of the latch that
    holds the flex circuit into the connector. Raise the latch tabs as shown. Once done, the flex
    circuit will slip right out of the connector.
    17110514 41963152
    Remove the mic connector (or is it the light sensor?) and you will have now split the unit into two
    freestanding pieces.

    Step #4 Ė Remove Screws Securing Main Unit to Case

    Remove the 4 indicated screws. If you have an SD card installed, this would be a good time to
    remove that as well, if you havenít already...
    35983209 21966993

    Step #5 Ė Separate Main Unit from Case

    You may find that the small tool provided with the battery helps to get a sticky main unit
    separated from the case. Exercise care when separating the unit Ė the speaker connector must
    be unplugged as well.
    62354288 84827712y

    Step #6 Ė Remove the Lithium Ion Battery Connector and Remove Battery

    Disconnect the 3 pin connector as shown. Sorry about the focus Ė I didnít have much light, so
    there isnít much depth of field in many of these shots.

    Step #7 Ė Separate Battery from Circuit Board

    OK Ė this is where it gets hairy. If you are the nervous type, this would be a good place to stop.
    The battery is likely stuck onto the circuit board with some seriously aggressive adhesive ..
    some sort of contact cement material. It will be necessary to PRY the battery away from the
    circuit board. I started with the small tool provided with the battery, but found it inadequate to
    the task. Be aware that there are no components mounted under the battery, so use of a very
    thin screwdriver may (as it did for me) help you out a great deal Ė but you MUST use it carefully.
    You donít want to scratch any of the copper traces from the back side of the board. I had bent
    the battery pack up a bit by the time it was finally released from the board, but hey Ė the battery
    is whatís expendable here.
    92193001 44084366

    Step #8 Ė Apply Adhesive and Install New Battery

    Now while Iíd be the first to argue that the adhesive TomTom is using might be a bit of overkill,
    itís there for a very good reason. You donít want your new battery rattling around inside the
    case. The remaining adhesive on the board isnít enough to hold the new battery, so I opted for
    4 dabs of silicone seal / adhesive to hold down my new battery. Once the dabs were in place, I
    carefully set the battery back down on the board and attached the connector. I used clear
    silicone, so itís not as easy to see as it might have been. White, clear Ė doesnít matter.

    The new wire was a good bit longer than the original, so I tucked the excess out of the way on
    the left side of the battery.
    56955009 64468755

    Step #9 & etc. Reverse Everything

    I noticed something during disassembly and reassembly that gave me pause. There is a small
    round lug attached to the black wire under one of the screws. The metal of the lug comes
    perilously close to components underneath. Be SURE that it is bent up just a tiny bit so that it
    CANNOT touch the parts underneath.
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    GPSPower Helper 720/730 920/930 Battery Change
    720/730 920/930 Battery Change
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    Hello here I leave some videos to replace the batteries, greeting

    TomTom Go 720 Battery replacement

    TomTom GO 730 Battery replacement

    TomTom GO 920 Battery replacement

    TomTom GO 930 Battery replacement




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