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    Default TomTom Product Codes

    TomTom Product Codes

    Here is some product code for TomTom devices.

    * Tomtom One v1: 4N00.001 / 4N00.003

    * Tomtom One New Edition: 4N00.004 / 4N00.004.2 => SD card only+ GPS SirfStar III. receiver.
    Recognized as ONE v3 in the HOME device information

    * Tomtom One New Edition/Second Edition (Regional): 4N00.012 => SD card only + GPS Globallocatte receiver

    * TomTom One "New Edition"/"Second Edition" (Europe): 4N00.005 - 1GB internal memory plus SD card slot,
    Western Europe and Canary Islands maps (v6.75, Teleatlas), Bluetooth, Summer bundle orange box
    (the device is in separate green box), bundled with carrying case and 30-day traffic info.
    Recognized as ONE v4 in the HOME device information.
    * TomTom One "New Edition"/"Second Edition"/"LE" (USA): 4N00.005 - Same as above?
    1GB internal memory plus SD card slot, Bluetooth, no RDS-TMC.
    Recognized as ONE v4 in the HOME device information.
    The name "LE" seems only to have been used in the US.

    * Tomtom One New Edition v2: 4N00.006 => internal memory + GPS Globallocatte receiver

    * TomTom One "Third Edition" (Orange Box, Christmas 2007): 4N01.000

    * TomTom One "Third Edition" (Regional) UK and Southern Ireland 512MB (Orange Box): 4N01.001

    * TomTom One "Third Edition": 4M01.002 (unknown, picture on TT website)
    * TomTom One XL (regional, with no flash memory) Supplied with UK and Eire on a 240MB SD card: 4S00.006

    * TomTom One XL (regional, with 512mb built-in memory. and SD card slot. GB map installed): 4S00.007

    * TomTom One XL (Europe, with SD card slot and 1GB internal memory: 4S00.000

    * TomTom One XL (New Zealand): 4S00.007

    * TomTom One XL (U.S. and Canada maps, 1GB internal memory and SD card slot. BT data): 1S00.080

    Latest models with "easyport" mounts:
    "30 series" or"22" (TomTom website uses BOTH these numbers to describe them!) -

    * TomTom One Both Western Europe and UK models - 4EE0.001.00 and also 4EE0.001.16 (UK and IE, bundle with "Roadside Assist") memory is 512MB, UK & ROI map

    * TomTom XL "30 series" or "22" - UK model supplied with v8.010 (9369/080529) os190943 gpsv1.21 boot5.5011and GB+IR v815.2024 maps - 4EG0.001.00

    * TomTom XL Europe with 1GB internal drive, v815.2024 Western_Europe maps - same ID number as UK model - 4EG0.001.00

    Both these models have internal memory ONLY - No SD card slot.

    * TomTom XL Traffic. New version XL Regional (UK) bundled with the USB traffic receiver in single blue box. 8EG0.013.00.2 on the BOX and 4EG0.001.00 (again) on the device.

    * Comet exclusive - XL Europe "31 Special Edition" with TTS - 4EG0.001.09 - 2GB nominal storage capacity with about 400MB free out of the box. App 8.014 (9372/080612) OS: 198799 GPS v1.21, Boot 5.5019 Map: 'Western_and_Central_Europe_2GB' v725.1915 Comes with "Vocaliser" TTS system, not "Loquendo"

    * TomTom XL "30 series" with TTS (Blue Box) -l 4EGO.001.08 (Australia)

    In the US those same models are called:
    * TomTom One "130" (US and Canada maps) and

    * TomTom XL "330" (US and Canada maps)

    There is also a "cut-down" TomTom One 125 GPS - Black - US/Puerto Rico maps, no TTS or Bluetooth - (both 1EE0.017.01 and 4EE0.001.00 (the same as the UK ONE 30 series) have been reported - can anyone confirm?
    and there are also text to speech versions in the US:

    * TomTom One XL.S - the older version: 1S00.082

    * TomTom One 130.S

    * TomTom XL.330.S

    * Tomtom XL: 4EG0.001.01

    * Tomtom GO Classic: 4D00.001

    * Tomtom GO 300: 4D00.300

    * Tomtom GO 500: 4D00.500

    * Tomtom GO 700: 4D00.700

    * Tomtom GO 510: 4V00.710

    * Tomtom GO 710: 4V00.710

    * Tomtom GO 910: 4V00.910

    * Tomtom GO 520: 4M00.001

    Tomtom GO 520T: 4M00.001

    * TomTom GO 720: 4M00.002

    * Tomtom GO 720T: 4M00.002

    * Tomtom GO 920T: 4M00-900

    * Tomtom GO 630: 4CJ6.000.00 ou 4CH6.000.00

    * Tomtom GO 730: 4CH7.000

    * Tomtom GO 730T: 4CH7.000

    * Tomtom GO 930T: 4CH9.000

    * Tomtom GO 740 Live: 4CF7.002.010

    * Tomtom GO 940 Live: 4CF9.002.010

    * Tomtom Rider: 4K00.001

    * Tomtom Rider 2: 4K00.100

    * Tomtom Eclipse (toyota): 4P00.004
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    I got TTOne IQ edition

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    This is an addition

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    We have an tomtom navigator 5 Benelux, does somebody have an activation code for me?

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    * TomTom One XL (Europe, with SD card slot and ??? internal memory: 4S00.000

    This TomTom goes with 1 Gb internal memory. So replace the "???" by "1Gb".

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    TomTom One "Third Edition": 4N01.002.2 Western_Europe maps 1Gb internal memory

    Thanks for your super list

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    pleas code to Renault Carminat??
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