Driving me mad this one. Spent 3 weeks with this but no luck!

Have two identical XXL540s IQ Routes Edition. Mine and the Wifes.

Hers bought off feebay autostarts; turns on when ignition key is turned. GREAT FEATURE!! wonder why TT stopped it...

I bought a second identical unit as I liked the feature, but I cannot do a dump copy of hers to mine

Same navcore 9510. Same map ver, same voices and using the latest fast activate.

I've changed the ttgo.bif file to reflect the changes in the serial and device # hut I have no idea what other files 'aren't happy'.

If I do a blanket copy of hers to mine: Mine boots with AFRIKAAN language option at the top - BUT A NON RESPONSIVE SCREEN - with English at the bottom. No matter where I press it then asks me to confirm connection to PC with NEE or YE but the screen doesn't respond anyway...

Anyone know which files I have to - NOT COPY ACROSS - so as the TT540 will do it's own 'thing'?

Thanks people