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    Apple Tomtom Iphone Generator 1.13 up to 1.14

    Tomtom Iphone Generator 1.13.0208.0 to 1.14.0831.0


    Compatibility :
    • Jailbreaked device with ios 4.2.1 or more...
    • All map compatible with navcore 8.300. See map compatibility chart


    LATEST Mobi VERSION: 1.13.0208.0 Download: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    Some Modified Version: 1.14.0831.0 [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    What's new ?
    • Updated keygen and meta
    • Updated tomtom application 1.14 (from Western Europe)


    How to use it ?
    • Download Tomtom Iphone Generator
    • If you want to add voices, put them on the RES/app/voices folder. (not RES/voices folder)
    • Don't forget .dtc for voices because generator does'nt do that. (DeviceID = AAHBQB2XJE)
    • Launch TomtomIphoneGenerator.exe


    • Select the meta of the map you want to create.
    • Select the profile which best match with the application you want to create.
    • For example, if you select "Europe_2GB_895_4438", you should use "Europe" profile because you're going to create a Tomtom Europe application
    • If the profile is not in the list, dont worry, just select "_Generic (mimim Europe)". Modify the "custom display name" with the name you want for the application. Application should works on your idevice.


    • To reduce size of Map, you can select needed raster by check or uncheck what you want to keep. You can do the same thing with voices.
    • You can choose the compression level :
    • Store is the more speed, but don't compress anything, whereas Best take more time, but ipa is reduced..


    • Click on "Create" Button, and waiting for the process completed.


    • When it's done (should take a long time if map is big...) ...


    • ...go to the application folder, and you will see the generated .ipa


    • Just click on it, to add in Itunes.


    Now, Synchronize your Iphone, and have fun

    PS : Don't forget, you need a Jailbreak iphone with AppSynch or the Synchronisation will not work.



    • Download a tomtom iphone app. I tested on TomTom Europe (1.10).ipa
    • Download a map you want to use on Iphone. For my example, I tested Europe 885.4009
    • Download EasyUseTools


    • Install it (Installous, Itunes, ...), and check it's works
    • Unzip the map you downloaded
    • Edit the DeviceID.txt from EasyUseTools with the following DeviceID : AAHBQB2XJE

    Patch application:

    • Open SSH, find the folder on the application you just installed
    • Enter in the Europe.app (or your app) and copy the executable to your computer (for me it's the Europe.app, and the Europe binary file)

      Until 1.8 :
    • Put the executable on the EasyUseTools\ttsystem_Patcher folder
    • open a "Cmd" in the EasyUseTools\ttsystem_Patcher directory, and type the following command : patchydg.exe <executable> (I type patchydg.exe Europe) patchydg must say "V8 Apply".

      1.9 and Above :
    • Check for this 128 bits :
      9C CE 70 86 28 60 B9 0C E9 12 AF 67 B6 99 6B C7
      66 DC AF AA D3 80 F9 AA 26 3D 36 48 3A 71 7D C8
      F7 ED 37 95 34 A0 1A EE 82 29 66 CC 9F 4E 5D CA
      59 BE 6D E7 46 15 7E F0 4B 30 87 DC 7E 09 B3 3F
      CA 64 C9 9F 1A 95 12 FA 09 7D E0 D0 1B 6F 0F 44
      44 C2 F9 D2 EA E0 AF 7B 56 C1 54 C9 39 FE B6 D7
      2E 15 BC 26 35 3B 0C 79 75 43 13 42 93 F1 0D D5
      7E 40 1C F3 45 ED BA 56 B0 BA 9C 80 4B 9D 42 7B

      Replace by this :
      BF 6E E2 8A 82 D4 E2 FB 14 A6 02 57 C4 BC BA 18
      9F 27 02 BA E8 02 42 42 87 F8 C1 D0 CA 5A CE 6A
      AC B6 7F FD E5 66 47 21 86 3C B1 92 BF 1D AB D4
      A7 CF 3B FB 65 F2 35 92 10 F8 35 D9 92 EC BB 25
      03 DA 39 5D 41 97 A7 50 C8 70 DD 37 4C 60 45 84
      B9 40 66 B2 17 F7 EE 44 FC 09 17 5D 08 85 35 0A
      E4 7D 94 C5 E2 C7 A7 45 37 EE 09 92 CF BC ED D6
      56 5A 26 BB 73 FA 20 44 7A 8F 6A 38 0C 5D 99 5F

      You have to modify bytes to times (for ARM6 and ARM7)

    Make a licence:

    • Go to the map you downloaded, and put the meta file in the EasyUseTools\insert_meta_from_Map_here directory> (Europe-256.meta)
    • Execute RunMeforDCT.cmd, choose 1, and 1

    ### Run Keygen ###

    'Europe-256.meta' - OK
    ^^^^^^^^Keygen Output only here!^^^^^^^^^^

    Keygen says OK , copy now the new *.dct into your Mapfolder

    Used DeviceID = AAHBQB2XJE

    Used Option 1
    Install patch and map:

    • Copy the generate meta.dct file on the map folder you downloaded (Europe-256.meta.dct)
    • Open SSH, go to the folder of your application, and override executable with the patch version (Europe patched with patchydg.exe)
    • Change Permission of the file to 0755 (if you forget, application is kick during launch)
    • Open the map folder of the iphone application, and delete all files.
    • Replace files with map you downloaded (the meta.dct must be in the folder)

    Sign application:

    • open SSH and go to the application folder where the executable is (/private/var/mobile/Applications/.../Europe.app/)
    • type the following command : ldone Europe -s

    Test application:

    Launch the application.. it's should be works


    • If you have a message like "you cannot use this map on your device : Europe-256.meta", check the patch of the executable, and the meta.dtc on the map directory
    • If application close on open, check if the application is signed (ldid) and if executable's permissions are 0755...
    • If you have another problem, try again before post.
    • although Itunes can now open IPA bigger than 2 Gb without error, IPA WILL NOT WORK during synchronisation.
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    Hi Mopi. We need Tomtom Iphone Generator 1.9...

    Please help us....

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    1.8 can use in iphone 4.3.3,4.2.1 but can not use in 5.0.1 the iphone is jailbreaked

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    How do i this step?
    Don't forget .dtc for voices because generator does'nt do that. (DeviceID = Axxxxxxxxx)

    Anyone can help me?
    Last edited by Roger; 18th March 2013 at 09:31 AM. Reason: Delete device ID

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    Use Albert's Easy Activator or any other keygen that allows to manually enter the device ID.
    With that you can activate the voice(s) on your PC using the DeviceId from the first posting.
    When the DCT is created you copy the voice file with the .dct into the voice folder according to the above instructions.
    Keep in mind that some keygens want the ID in this format: AAHBQ B2XJE instead of AAHBQB2XJE, usually two seperate boxes for the ID indicate that, best to check the instructions/help for the keygen.
    Password for all my files: downunder

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    Could anyone reupload the generator please?

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    TT Iphone Generator v1.14

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Zippyshare link , no password:
    Spoiler: CLICK
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    New version here [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    You have to navigate to get to the good.

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] Password for my files: gpspower.net
    Galaxy S5 Kitkat 4.4.2 / Nuvi1200->1250 / Nuvi3790T->34xx / Nuvi 2200 / Nuvi 66 / Oregon 600




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