Hello everyone,

I apologize in advance, but my level in English is very low and I use Google translate :o

I bought on aliexpress a car radio android 7.1.1
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Characteristics of the device:

Version MCU : MTCD_XRC_V2.52_1
CPU : ARM Coretex-A9@1.60Ghz (x4)
Memoire : 2048 MB
Niveau du correctif de securité android : 5 fevrier 2017
Version du noyau : 3.0.101+ rocky@hctr930 #550 Wed May 17 19:18:54 CST 2017
Numero de build : px3-userdebug 7.1.1 NMF26X eng.hct.201527.145603 test-keys

I have with this device 2 worries:

The 1st:

I found no way to root this device.
But that does not bother me since the functions as they are are enough for me.

The 2nd:

I removed the GPS application Igo primo that was provided with to install TOMTOM GO instead.
The installation is done without worries, whether on the flash memory or on the SD card.

During the installation by the playstore, I saw that I can not play video presentation.
I put a picture below so that you understand well of what videos I speak.


By clicking on the Play surrounded by red above, nothing happens.
And this, whatever the application.

During the installation of TOMTOM GO, there is a small video of presentation, which is besides the same as if one click on the play of the previous picture.
This video does not read correctly on the camera, I put a picture that will allow you to understand what I see


So far no big problems since this does not prevent the installation of the application.

After the installation, TOMTOM GO works very well, no worries about what to be guided or problems with the display.

The only problem, and that's what made me seek advice from you, is when you launch the application.

- On my phone, a black page filled the screen and the application launches.
- On my car radio, it is as if he took a screen of the last screen, that it magnified and that it put a yellow layer on the screen to him.

And this, at each launch of the application.

I put a small picture of the screen at the start and a video that may be more explicit.

Pictures :

175089PHOTO1 294988PHOTO2

Video :

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Would anyone have an idea of the problem?