Sygic Map Downloader 18.5.2 (20200309)

NEW: addes VOICES download

- TA 2020.03 V9.01 maps are splitted: AUS, IND, FRA, GER, ITA, RUS, ESP, GBR, CAN, MEX, BRA (Sygic 17.3.2 and higher can read splitted maps...)
- TA 2019.09 V9.00 (not splitted) - use with Aura 17.3.1 or lower..., Taxi, InCar


Funny voices: Homer Simpson (ENG), Mr.Burns (ENG), Snoop Dogg(ENG)
Offline speedcams
Car maps: TA:2020.03, OS:2018:12 (maps version 9.01 - sygic version 15.4.X and higher, splitted maps 9.01 - sygic version 17.3.2 and higher)
Truck maps: EU NT:2019.11 US NT:2019.11 MEA NT:2019.11 AUSNZL TA:2019.09 V900
Taxi, InCar, Aura: TA:2019.09 V900 (maps version 9.00 - sygic version 15.3.9 and lower, unsplitted maps 9.00 - sygic version 17.3.1 and lower)

- new search engine (FTS - Full Text Search) in SYGIC>=16.5.0: !!! ALL maps !!! in \MAPS directory MUST HAVE FTS file !!! (except WCL, of course :-))
- old search engine (country, city,street) in SYGIC>=16.5.0: delete some FTS file in any map folder in \MAPS directory

TA 2020.03 V9.01, NT 2019.11, TA 2019.09 V9.00, OSM 2018.12 use console downloader: below

Spoiler: Console Downloader

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