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    Quote Originally Posted by Wherch View Post
    Requesting to reup some files. Sygic removed the shortest route option starting with Truck 13.8.5. I've been using 13.8.3 build 1522 from this forum on kitkat without issues, however it crashes on nougat. Please reup the following:
    13.8.3 build 1512
    The shortest route is a big mistake, especially for trucks. You can find yourself in dramatic situations. Sygic did the right thing in eliminating the short route option.
    Spoiler: Short route example
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    I did. The latest truck (20.0.03 atm) has the shortest route option removed as well. I compared 20.0.03 and 13.8.3 with the same set of maps and destinations side by side. 20.0.03 just doesn't produce the shortest route I get with 13.8.3. The new options don't make sense. Instead of the good old shortest route option there are prefer local roads and prefer main roads. It makes 0 sense since you can prefer local roads but still avoid unpaved roads. Or you can prefer main roads but still avoid highways

    spyder, valid point, but I like to have 1 app for when I truck and when I motorcycle

    edit: to further elaborate on the app crashing issue, the app starts fine, finds the signal and all. It crashes only in the process of computing long routes. I strongly feel that 1 of the older versions will do the trick
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