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Who is responsible for the POI's ?
Is it Sygic or TomTom / Here ?
I noticed that POI's in my neighbourhood are sooo old, many shops etc are gone for years.
In response to your question, Tomtom Maps can be updated from this site, if you have not installed the application:

[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

Otherwise there is proper function on the app.

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Not sure how much this will help, but I will tell that I am using openstreetmap poi database with sygic latest nt maps from on-the-road app (free on google play). I just took .pnm and .poi files from OSM maps downloaded in beonroad and everything works like charm.

You can even use beonroad maps in sygic if you copy content.info from beonroad into sygic. Tested on sygic 14.3.4.

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Greats tips, I follow both suggestions with success.
I prefer nt maps too, autovelox are updated and sound alert works properly.
I got the same issue of Rider, for me Sygic 14.3.4 and Beonroad maps work better than TA 03.2015 or NT 06.2015. But it needs to replace entire map folder, the only content.info file it's not enough.
Not working at all with 15.5* versions.