Can somebody help me out to fix TSS for Sygic drive Fleet 10 on wince ? I have tried and succes to get something work of TTS on fleet 10 (the 2D version of Sygic , PND ) . But it looks like I am using something which was previous version of TTS in Sygic and there is a new kind of structure and database/filling now.

I have made the maps and installed the file like:

Res/tts/loquendo/data etc.
Res/vioces/ (edit the TTS folder)

also add the tts files of loquendo to the drive folder.

It works but the tex to speech is not that great expect for the German Voice Katrin. In the res/loquendo/data/voices I already replaced the file with the new ones of the Android version because these are same type of files etc.

What I see is that in the fleet 10 TTS version I have files like Katrin.vcf and german.lvcy and if I look at all the threads here I see every where these list with file like these Carlos.ttsconf and maps called modules.

It looks like the TTSloquendes the last once the newer can be used in Fleet 10, but somehow i am missing the point .

Does any one have any clue of experience how to fix this ?