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    VIP Master Ways to combine Regional Maps for Sygic Aura
    Ways to combine Regional Maps for Sygic AuraWays to combine Regional Maps for Sygic Aura

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    Guide IPHONE Ways to combine Regional Maps for Sygic Aura

    IPHONE Ways to combine Regional Maps for Sygic Aura

    If you intend to use more than one regional maps for Sygic Aura.
    ( Example : - Southeast Asia regional with Australia & New Zealand )
    There is way to create the different mapsets to work in one application so as to save disk space on the iphone.

    Process One

    A) Download the ipas of the different regional maps wanted.
    B) Extract both ipas into directory - format with files and folders
    C) Open both directories - choose one as main directory to add on files
    D) In the main directory ( 1 ) - navigate to the map directory
    E) Rename the map directory to the regional name ex SEA for Southeast Asia.
    F) Under SygicAura.app folder - create a new directory " map " and then copy the newly name ( mapset ) directory into it.
    G) In new map directory - create the second directory name for the second regional mapset.
    H) Copy over the countries maps from the " second opened ipa (2 ) " under the newly created second directory.

    Process Two

    A) Navigate to main directory ( 1 ) "SygicAura.app"/rewriteable
    B) Rename again the map directory to the " regional mapset name "
    C) Create a new " map " directory in this rewriteable directory
    D) Copy the newly name regional mapset into it.
    E) Next create the new directory for the next regional mapset.
    F) Copy from open directory ( 2 )/rewriteable - the countries of the mapset over.

    PS - Ensure to check that in the rewriteable/map directory
    Under each regional mapset - there will be one mlm file and one license file.
    The contents of both are different.

    Process Three - Installation

    A) Open Itunes - click on add folder to directory - direct to the main directory ( 1 )
    B) Itunes will load and installed this directory contents.
    C) Sync your iphone after that to get the new application.

    PS - Ensure that you do not have the same *****.ipa of the first directory ( 1 ). Itunes will not installed if so. Delete any ipa of first directory.

    After installation - reboot or respring your iphone. Start application - the two regional will show after database is created. Select one mapset to start with.

    It will be noticed that you can't change to another mapset in settings.
    The way to change - click settings - reset to defaults
    Application restarts and 2 regional mapsets will appear again.
    Choose again. In the process of reset to default - the voice menu will appear for reselection. The saved data are intact.

    More than 2 or more mapsets can be combined to work.
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