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    Default what is a split/splitted map?

    I am very new to this forum, i keep getting smacked by moderators for not searching my question first. I assure whoever is reading this I have read and searched and still posting the question (now waiting for a smack)

    I have figured out the [Sygic Truck 20.6.1 (2402)]. I am attempting the map downloader and I am at a loss to figure out what all of the abbreviations mean.

    NT=NAVTEQ=HERE....seriously, I mean I know it has been explained but, am I supposed to know what this means? I am floundering because i don't have the same shared vocabulary as everyone else here and it makes asking questions very difficult.

    what is the difference between map downloader (Sygic-TA-V900-Maps) and (Sygic-TA-Maps)? within the downloader i have a OS downloader for maps. open street? what does this even mean? do I need it?

    TA 2020.06 V9.01 maps are splitted.... is that good? do i need a "splitted" map?

    Any help is really appreciated, if there is stupid questions asked by me I apologize a 100 times in advance. I do not want to get banned or kicked off.

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    iGO Enthusiast what is a split/splitted map?
    what is a split/splitted map?what is a split/splitted map?what is a split/splitted map?what is a split/splitted map?what is a split/splitted map?what is a split/splitted map?what is a split/splitted map?
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    You will not be banned, but you received warnings for a reason.
    The main mistake is that you don't know how to use the Forum. For the beginning - read, a lot

    Yes, you should understand the basic concepts if you are already using some software. Explanations of all these terms have been given many times.
    If anyone has the will to explain, he will write here, I don't have it now.
    Before asking a question, know it's already discussed here and at 99.9% is not unique. Use search.
    NO ONE IS A SEER, READ (click on): [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] <- Click!
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] <- Click!

    Spoiler: obs
    Many questions become very arduous, a lot of time chewed deja vu...Since we have lost all the year of work and effort, many people have no will to answer the same questions again. Me neither. Use a search, please.

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    Moderator what is a split/splitted map?
    what is a split/splitted map?
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    @Canada MTL

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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    @Canada MTL,

    These questions about maps have been answered many times on this forum.
    Plus you could go to the Sygic website and get this info also.
    You can also Google it too.
    As nens has given you a link to new map type from Sygic you also can get the info you need about other products from Sygic.

    It is always the same with new users never taking the time to read anything on this forum.

    The Sygic section is full of so much info for users and to have a new user not to take their time to look.
    Do take the time to read all the good info in the Sygic section.

    Read about each Sygic app including the one that is not getting any updates and the type of maps that are used.

    Plus without using the PC downloader for your maps you can download the maps for truck app directly from inside the app.
    Then you can see the type of maps it downloaded.

    But had you read the info from the Sygic Truck app you downloaded from this forum you would know that........
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